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    1. Rico says:

      This evening I received a text from this number saying this: VIPStockPicks is opening its doors to the public! The 1st 777 users that enter code 777 at http://vipstockpicks.mobi will receive real-time penny stock alerts!

    2. Lynwood says:

      Told they were from the processing center and my pills had been approved.

    3. Porfirio says:

      i recieved a call last night from this number asking for an ex-husband i hadn't seen or heard from in 15 years. told me her name was milessa. when i told her i hadn't seen or been in contact with him in 15 years, she kept saying oh my gosh, oh my gosh. when i asked why she was trying to contact him, she said she had business with him. i ended the call then.

    4. Isreal says:

      call from 205-314-5053 shows up on caller id as Public Safety.. tried calling number back and always get busy signal...

    5. Sammie says:

      Called my cell number approximately once an hour during the day. I texted the number from another line 'STOP calling xxx-xxx-xxxx' (my number). They stopped.

    6. Rudolf says:

      block calls n texts from.this number

    7. Korey says:

      I don't want central publication services to call me.

    8. Darius says:

      Received call from unknown person talking a foreign language.  Could not find 117 area code on reverse phone lookup on internet.

    9. Gordon says:

      nothing more than a outgoing recording for spam

    10. Monte says:

      One call with instant hang up

    11. Tomas says:

      caller wont talk. the phone just hangs up. i cannot call the number back

    12. Jamel says:

      Called me 5x & didn't say anything

    13. Man says:

      BS call to reduce interest rates on home loan.

    14. Keven says:

      Received call from this number on my cell phone. Spoke to a representative who refused to tell me the name of their company or what credit card company they represent. The representative became belligerent when I asked how they got my number. I reported the call to www.donotcall.gov. My cell and home phone are on the do not call registry.IMPORTANT - ANYONE RECEIVING THIS PHONE CALL NEEDS TO REPORT THEM TO WWW.DONOTCALL.GOV.The more complaints, the earlier law enforcement can shut them down.

    15. Porter says:

      these people are constantly harassing me. please stop them