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    1. Sean says:

      Multiple unsolicited calls.

    2. Landon says:

      Won't stop.calling turned into Indiana attorney general office

    3. Abraham says:

      I've been receiving calls from this number. Anybody knows what this number is associated with?

    4. Kim says:

      I press 1 to talk to a representative and as soon as I ask to be removed, they hang up.

    5. Jewell says:

      Several msg. I don't have an account with GECU, which is a CU out of ELP, however the area code listed on the message is from Maine. I don't know how to stop it, but if it doesn't I will call T-moblile to put a STOP.

    6. Troy says:

      need more info from caller dont know who is calling

    7. Junior says:

      I also received a call from this number stating that my Mastercard had been locked. It was a recording that was very broken up and hard to understand. I hung up and dialed back but received a recording that the call couldn't be completed as dialed. I checked with my Mastercard company and there is no lock placed on it. This is obviously a scam of someone trying to obtain credit card numbers.

    8. Dorian says:

      one call....hung up on me

    9. Linwood says:

      Some kind of cruise promotion.

    10. Barry says:

      They left message on machine to call back to Sam Key's ext.  Finalist to win Ford Explorer or Lincoln Navigator.  Would be in my best interest to call back.  Have not done so.  Glad I saw this message board.

    11. Stuart says:

      Me too! It's 1(410)000-001! It's crazy!

    12. Myron says:

      I answered the call just now. A recorded message said "This is Heather from your credit card customer service." Of course the credit card is not identified. "We can lower your interest rate! Just Press 1." I pressed "End Call" instead.

    13. Bernard says:

      was on my new cell phone..not the number but was in the calls forwarding too.in other words forward calls too..weird as hell!

    14. Darrel says:

      Too many calls advertising!

    15. Eli says:

      Robo Call for SEO firm promising "first spot Google listing" for our business