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    1. Sylvester says:

      Received multiple calls from this number.  Not voicemail.

    2. Greg says:

      i have received calls from both numbers and they keep calling me but when i do answer nobody says anything.. so i stoped answering but both numbers call me a couples times a day...

    3. Valentin says:

      Called us @ 10:30am this morning - didn't recognize number, didn't answer, no message left.  Called number back, got telco recording "your call could not be completed as dialed"  Most likely a spoofed/bogus number.

    4. Garrett says:

      this number is thru USHIP the whole company is a fraud. I can only warn you. DO NOT USE THEM.

    5. Jack says:

      i just received a phone call from them saying they were going to give me free electricity for 2 months and

    6. Jerome says:

      Text stating "You've WON the $1000 BestBuy Card drawing. Get your prize now at www.winningpage.net/?id=xxxxxxxx. Enter code xxxxxxxx" NO return number. NO stop sending text. THIS is the THIRD message in two days. This is a phishing Scam!!! BEWARE.

    7. Damion says:

      Is this a valid phone number?

    8. Edmundo says:

      I've just had the same thing, also on O2, didn't answer, have been rung twice, any clues?

    9. Theodore says:

      I downloaded Mr.Number app and it hangs up on all these spammer, fraud callers. Then it puts their numbers on the Internet. So many fraud telemarketer calls this year. I get many calls because I advertise on Craigslist and they take your numbers from there.

    10. Spencer says:

      Scammer out of California.  Uses a Paypal scam probably combined with a Western Union scam.  Usually starts by texting from 209-222-8264, then asks you to "quickly log on to your PayPal account and click on request money from my PayPal email id (ambiegirl_788@yahoo.com) i will proceed for the payment once sent."  

    11. Rolland says:

      you are right they filled a case against me so please stay away from them.

    12. Lenard says:

      text that says we are giving away laptops. Supplies are limited, apply here: wwwlaptop6.com

    13. Jerold says:

      one miss call only this month. got one last month.

    14. Shelby says:

      Dead air...something about homeowners.

    15. Hilton says:

      Steven Brown came to my job posing as a harris county sheriffs dept. investigator. come to find out he is tring to collect on a debt from some agency. If he come to your job report him to the police.