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    1. Tyron says:

      Called at shortly after 2:00 pm - caller ID shown as "incoming call" (no kidding!)

    2. Jessie says:


    3. Cory says:

      spam leave my phone harassing phone calls

    4. Domingo says:

      Automated voice claiming names of people I don't know.

    5. Marcus says:

      I also received call. they then hung up..

    6. Coleman says:

      I called VZW for assistance, call dropped and they were kind enough to call me back from this number.

    7. Ben says:

      getting texts all the time, wife getting pissed!

    8. Jefferey says:

      Telemarketer asking about my interest in enrolling in training/ college classes.

    9. Thomas says:

      recieved text from this #. It stated that my debit card had been suspended due to suspicious activity. It gave me a phone # to call. I assumed it was a scam, so I called the # to see what it would say. It was all automated, and asked me for my debit card #. wondering If there was anyway to report this activity>

    10. Ambrose says:

      calls my office number, when I answer, it gives a busy signal and disconnects

    11. Lane says:

      Yeah I have gotton a call from this and another number . ... STOP CALLING

    12. Will says:

      Texted me 4 periods but after responding her, she didn't written text me anymore

    13. Quincy says:

      Well, I like the rest of you have been receiving numerous calls from 512-219-2090, Great Amer Supp on caller ID. Have received for past 2 weeks. Did not answer until yesterday at 12:17pm and pissed because I was doing laundry and had to run up stairs to answer. On 3rd ring no one there. Did not answer on 11/1. Well today I answered at 2:47pm on 3rd ring again real hatefull ready to bless someone out and it was a really sweet girl, (said name Cindy). Well she wanted to talk to hubby. Told her he busy. She said she calling because he had insurance policy with Loyal American Insurance since 1965!!!! I have no records, but of course we were not married then. Said just calling to remind him of this policy and let him know that had supplemental medicare policies. Informed her he had one. Well, shift gears. I asked for policy number, what type insurance he had, etc. She said he had Life Insurance with Loyal American Insurance, don't know how or for how much. Told her I was not aware of this policy since we were not married at the time she said taken out. She gave me that and supposedly the policy number. I requested a copy of the policy he had with them and a form to change beneficiary since we were not married at the time. Supposed to receive in couple weeks. If don't, call 1-866-459-4272, ext. 7020 takes me directly to insurance department. Very nice of course but I will await my copy of the policy and the beneficiary form to change. She said if hadn't received in 2 weeks call the 866 number. I told her welcome surprise, but really don't think so. Think it is open enrollment for medicare patients, which my husband is available for but not interested. If I really do receive a legitimate policy and beneficiary change form, will try & remember to do another post. Another thing really ironic is they had his current addrest after 45 years. Hope this helps anyone that has receibved these calls like we have.

    14. Chong says:

      yes I kept getting text from this number do not know who it is. all they say is hi. getting sick of it must be some kind of spam. wish they would stop.

    15. Edward says:

      This insurance company calls me every day, all day, for the