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    1. Clay says:

      This cardholder services scam is beyond old.

    2. Lon says:

      They call and place you on hold. We sat on hold to tell them they have the wrong number for over 30 minutes without anyone coming on the line.

    3. Johnathon says:

      They called and said I wont a Target gift card, but I could use it at Walmart and various stores for groceries. Told me they were a multi-million dollar company but I needed to pay shipping and would be charged 3.90 a week and could cancel a subscription.

    4. Colin says:

      Kept calling & texts me almost everyday !

    5. Stevie says:

      Sales person offering child's safety kit.

    6. Rolando says:

      I just got the same phone call.. I think it's internet marketers calling to sell a home biz opp.

    7. Jefferey says:

      backpage escort harasser be careful

    8. Stephen says:

      they just called here.  the person had a heavy indian accent, at least it sounded indian..  said his name was "robert patrick" with "sunshine medical group" and claimed to be sending a medical card to all "prominent US citizens".. he just kept saying "prominent US citizens" over and over.. i told him I wasn't going to buy anything and he said "sir, i am not selling anything, we are sending this card to all prominent US citizens, you are a prominent US citizen aren't you?".. then he told me to get a pen and paper to write down this confidential medical identification number, so I got one though it seemed silly that he'd be giving me this number that I'll be receiving by mail in a couple of days anyway :P  so then he's like "before i can give you this number I must verify that you are the correct person" so he started by asking my birth date.  I gave him that.  next he said "and I see that you have an account with a major US bank, what is the name of that bank?".. I said "if you're going to send something, go ahead and send it, I'm not giving you my information", he protested and said "sir we just need to verify this information, I assure you, you are not the first to do this".  I said "I don't care.  If you're going to send something, send it, but I'm not telling you this stuff".  then he hung up on me :P

    9. Foster says:

      Does anyone know who this number belongs to?

    10. Rickey says:

      Comfort Dental 136th and Colorado Blvd, Thornton, CO

    11. Jackson says:

      Same as others - rang once and hung up.

    12. Aubrey says:

      Left a message about my inquiry into information about affordable healthcare. I didn't inquire about affordable healthcare. Appears to be a telemarketer.

    13. Billie says:

      Called me and said nothing, just heard music in the backround!

    14. Aron says:

      No longer westwood mediation... theyre now Loan Mediation, told me i was going to jail and then became abusive talking about my mother. Every sentence was ended with ... "or something" . Real professional.

    15. Edmundo says:

      Not tbe one thats looked for