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    1. Trenton says:

      What type of techniques can be used to avoid spam calls?

    2. Taylor says:

      Assholes wanna buy junk cars

    3. Dale says:

      This is what i received: Alert :Call 7272162030 (PNC Card Verification Needed) and this was from a my90@metropcs.com. i heard online that you can report them by forwarding any bs texts like as in scaming by sending it to 7726. Hope this helps

    4. Korey says:

      Called 6 times in about 4 hours.  Did not leave a message.  I'm trying to find out if anyone else has info on caller.   All I'm finding is that it is out of Birmingham AL.

    5. Sung says:

      Did not answer, no voicemail.

    6. Arden says:

      They are a co that "lowers credit card debit" even if you have no credit cards. They are rude and hang up on you.

    7. Kent says:

      I answered the call.  I am on the do not call list.  The guy wanted to talk to my husband and wanted the alternative #.  I didn't give him the cell #.  When I asked what it was in regards to he said he had "tax liability information" to give to him.  I said we were not interested that we had an accountant and he replied that my accountant was not "licensed to give this information" whatever that means.  He continued to want a better time to talk to my husband and I continued to ask what information he had for him.  I finally hung up on him.  I hate these calls.

    8. Fermin says:

      It's a travel time share company.

    9. Irwin says:

      Got a call from this number and answered, like a dummy. It was from the TX State Troopers Assoc asking for money. Over the years, this group has called several times using different numbers. This is a SCAM!!! The state has shut them down several times, and they keep popping up again.

    10. Waldo says:

      this is an outsourced call center who only says they are a loan modification service but will not give the name of the company or a website -only asks to confirm my address (which I don't) and they hang up without giving any information.

    11. Chase says:

      Two calls to my cell. if you answer you will hear a Ships horn sound and say "This is your captain speaking". Just a sales call. Telling you you won a cruise! LOL! free cruise if you go to their seminars to sell you a condo or something stupid. They are calling my house phone too, which is listed on the national do not call list. So obviously these telemarketers do not follow the rules! After adding my name to the list, I rarely receive any sales calls.

    12. Ira says:

      they keep calling at 10-11 pm my time zone (have moved to east coast)... 4 times already...WTH?

    13. Royal says:

      Calls but when I answer it, they hang it up.

    14. Antonia says:

      got a call from this # also... didn't answer

    15. Sydney says:

      Called home and text my cell. Trying to blackmail me, about supposed homosexual activities. Found him, gonna get you dude, I'm a commin', keep looking...never stop