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    1. Trenton says:

      What type of techniques can be used to avoid spam calls?

    2. Taylor says:

      Assholes wanna buy junk cars

    3. Dale says:

      This is what i received: Alert :Call 7272162030 (PNC Card Verification Needed) and this was from a my90@metropcs.com. i heard online that you can report them by forwarding any bs texts like as in scaming by sending it to 7726. Hope this helps

    4. Korey says:

      Called 6 times in about 4 hours.  Did not leave a message.  I'm trying to find out if anyone else has info on caller.   All I'm finding is that it is out of Birmingham AL.

    5. Sung says:

      Did not answer, no voicemail.

    6. Arden says:

      They are a co that "lowers credit card debit" even if you have no credit cards. They are rude and hang up on you.

    7. Kent says:

      I answered the call.  I am on the do not call list.  The guy wanted to talk to my husband and wanted the alternative #.  I didn't give him the cell #.  When I asked what it was in regards to he said he had "tax liability information" to give to him.  I said we were not interested that we had an accountant and he replied that my accountant was not "licensed to give this information" whatever that means.  He continued to want a better time to talk to my husband and I continued to ask what information he had for him.  I finally hung up on him.  I hate these calls.

    8. Fermin says:

      It's a travel time share company.

    9. Irwin says:

      Got a call from this number and answered, like a dummy. It was from the TX State Troopers Assoc asking for money. Over the years, this group has called several times using different numbers. This is a SCAM!!! The state has shut them down several times, and they keep popping up again.

    10. Waldo says:

      this is an outsourced call center who only says they are a loan modification service but will not give the name of the company or a website -only asks to confirm my address (which I don't) and they hang up without giving any information.

    11. Royal says:

      Calls but when I answer it, they hang it up.

    12. Antonia says:

      got a call from this # also... didn't answer

    13. Sydney says:

      Called home and text my cell. Trying to blackmail me, about supposed homosexual activities. Found him, gonna get you dude, I'm a commin', keep looking...never stop

    14. Luke says:

      I've had a couple of the same phone calls. I'm not going to press any number to get off the list, because it just won't happen.

    15. Elton says:

      Dont know him but he seems rude