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    1. Lane says:

      4 Calls a day for a week. Dell financial services

    2. Josiah says:

      WAL-MART CUSTOMER: You have been chosen for a $ 1000$ REWARD to use at any location. For details, go to www.wmart-giftsclub.com or 'OUT' Sender: +1310259920 Message center: +14044550007 Sent: May 1,2012 01:46:15 pm

    3. Quintin says:

      Someone trying to sale me a cruise.

    4. Samuel says:

      They sent the first text and said "How are you?" then asked me " Are you a Guy?" , then "How Old" I told them to stop texting me.

    5. Dominick says:

      Saying that they work with my local newspaper to send free coupons

    6. Cordell says:

      I received a call from this number (and other numbers as well).  The called identified himself as collecting money for Alabama State Troopers.  I personally know someone who started the collection business for public safety people and he bragged about how much money he and the telemarketers made so I'd NEVER donated to any organization that calls me on the phone.  My favorite response, I don't have any money.  

    7. Tad says:

      I got a call today... the told me something about expanding and investment. the reception was pretty bad so the person (a guy in my case) said he would send me a mail. but so far no mail! I wonder what that was all about!

    8. Carlton says:

      she is given me a tough time for me live in this life

    9. Lucio says:

      Spam text supposedly telling me I can get a free gift card.

    10. Lyle says:

      Got a call from jack william number 210-892-2344 when you're on the phone with him he would not give me his supervisors number or name to ask him what i have been charged with he would just say i sent u a email all the info was on there i told him that need to know more about this he got nervous with his word and was getting coached from someone else in the backgrd Ias putting me on mute everytime we would ask me a question I finally decided to ask for supervisors name and phone number and he hung up on me

    11. Peter says:

      Keep getting this call - no one says anything -  Im in BC  -  I am getting rid of my land phone - just fed up with all the garbage calls I get.

    12. Douglas says:

      A+ Bail Service Los Angeles is offering Bail, Bail Bond, Bail Bonds, Bail Service, Bail Bonds Service in Los Angeles, CA. Call (213) 260-9715 for more information.

    13. Harris says:

      Several phone call a day from this number and at bad hours, never anyone at the other end.  I don't want them to ever call again

    14. Freeman says:

      I need this number as far away from texting me or calling me as possible

    15. Andy says:

      Spammed me with text, link to cnbcnews26.com fraud domain.