502-422 Phone Me Not

  • 502-422-2430
  • 502-422-2431
  • 502-422-2432
  • 502-422-2433
  • 502-422-2434
  • 502-422-2435
  • 502-422-2436
  • 502-422-2437
  • 502-422-2438
  • 502-422-2439
  • 502-422-2440
  • 502-422-2441
  • 502-422-2442
  • 502-422-2443
  • 502-422-2444
  • 502-422-2445
  • 502-422-2446
  • 502-422-2447
  • 502-422-2448
  • 502-422-2449
  • 502-422-2450
  • 502-422-2451
  • 502-422-2452
  • 502-422-2453
  • 502-422-2454
  • 502-422-2455
  • 502-422-2456

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    1. Ken says:

      I held on to talk to a person so I can be removed off the list and they hung up!

    2. Francis says:

      block from txt amd calling tried of drama

    3. Rashad says:

      Frederick J Hanna collections agency acting like a law firm ... sue them each time they call and they will stop.

    4. Gaston says:

      these people should be killed

    5. Ricky says:

      I get calls from three different numbers all appear to come from American Exteriors according to online sites like this. Two different times I answered but no one responded. I actually considered using their service so (regretably) gave my phone number to the gal going door to door in my neighborhood.. Phone calls started immediately even though I said it would be a good 6 months before I would consider having any work done. Will not use their service now as they pester me with their persistent phone calls. 316-281-4933 / 303-794-6369 / 877-314-6498

    6. Gus says:

      Stop text from this number.

    7. Rod says:

      constantly calls and hangs up when I answer.

    8. Dwain says:

      Elected official voice recording looking for votes

    9. Rickey says:

      I'm starting to get really pissed off.... I've received at least 7 times that same scam msg over the past 2 weeks, and so did my husband .... " You've been selected to win a FREE iPad! Enter code: "6417" at http://apple.ca.igifts.cc so we can ship it to you immediately. Only 19 left."Honestly, anybody who participates in some kind of a draw or lottery in Quebec knows for which one it is and won't even bother to try and figure out what kind of a fraud this is .... California, keep your scam please, we already enough of our own here...Anyway, this is a scam, don't reply to them, they'll probably extort personnal information out of you and that would be a shame.

    10. Gene says:

      Dont want them calling me nor trxting me

    11. Cody says:

      Got a call, didn't recognize the # so I let it ring. Caller did not leave message.

    12. Chad says:

      Creadit card company and I don't even have one.

    13. Bud says:

      Received several calls from this number, they never answer, phone rings a couple times, then it says call diverted to another area code.  This is getting maddening.  Who the hell are these people?

    14. Monte says:

      Best buy gift (TEXTED) caRD SPAM

    15. Walton says:

      They have called 7 times. When i finally answered, there was a male talking in the background who hung up on me as soon as I said hello. Super annoying.