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    1. Troy says:

      dude just don't get it,lol

    2. Willard says:

      Calling all hours rings,2-4 times then hangs up. Sick of it !

    3. Matt says:

      Me too got a text saying I won a 1000 walmart gift card

    4. Johnson says:

      Received two calls from this number today. Seems to be involved with a predatory loan company that was given the wrong number. Everyone that calls asks for the same person.

    5. Van says:

      Person on the other end was most likely phishing. Claims he wanted to give me a discount on new roof. First he said the young man who answered the phone told him to call after 7. Then he said I completed a card to request a free quote. Bogus- every statement.

    6. Alberto says:

      Numerous calls from this number with no voicemail and no one there when I answer.

    7. Bill says:

      Received two messages regarding winning a free gift card.

    8. Ernesto says:

      A recording called and said "please hold"

    9. Giovanni says:

      This number is a numbers I don't know

    10. Trey says:

      You all are fools.....and FBI is work on it but you have to help them too...but stop showing love to people

    11. Ollie says:

      I received a call from 203 211 4578 I didn't answer the phone. And no message was ever left. I tried calling back the next day, and my "Call can not be completed". I beleive that the call originated from an other country. Possible from Colombia. Sort of like a magic jack system taht they have. Friends use a internet cafe which discover a way to call the state por pennies.

    12. Garrett says:

      just recieved a call from 210 249 0916 they did not leave message again. I would really like to know who this person or persons is. And to leave message. Caller ID unknown.

    13. Jamie says:

      This is a solicitation call from a carpet cleaning company.  They will not give names.  They say to press 1 to schedule a cleaning and 9 to get on their do not call list.  9 does not work

    14. Rodolfo says:

      3036471009 its a market research company. They are NOT exempt as they claim. The national do not call list also covers this type of company. If you are contacted, contact the ftc and report them as being in violation...

    15. Santos says:

      ARC calls often, sometimes several times a week on my cell, for the last few years. I have even entered some of their numbers in my contact list so I know to not waste my time and ignore the call.