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    1. Lucien says:

      Yea, he is a scam.  If you call him, he sounds like he is using a voicebox, like the guy on southpark.  If anyone falls for this....they are trippin.  However, work is work.  got to atleast try.  I got as far as another email explaining in detail.  when moneyorder came up, it was over.

    2. Rick says:

      Something about my credit union visa card deactivated, "please call". Which card?!!! Spam.

    3. Dennis says:

      foreign assholes committing fraud trying to get your credit card information

    4. Armand says:

      Don't recognize the number.

    5. Fredric says:

      Sales/marketing inquiring about electronic health records software for medical office. Rude and condescending.

    6. Victor says:

      They keep calling and leave no message..all I know is that they are in New Jersey! UGH!

    7. Rex says:

      I got a text from 208-219-0995 claiming I won an IPad. It wanted me to click on the link. I didn't open it.

    8. Brice says:

      Clamed to be The International Police, Holding Mary Cole for 72 hours. (kidnapping)That she smmugled cash thru JFK (Smuggling cash - money laundering)That she was trying to deliver the cash to me (intrapment, intiminating a victim)Clames to have documents and cash for me. with holding information)Fraud by wire (18 USCS § 1343) Fraud by wire, (“PL” § 190.65) Scheme to Defraud, (18 U.S.C. § 1343,2) Wire Fraud & (18 U.S.C. § 1010,2) Causing False Statements to be made for credit or banking purposes.

    9. Ned says:

      unwanted call-who are these  nuts

    10. Eddie says:

      These people have been calling us first thing every single morning. We were honestly starting to get very worried. I have been searching through my bank statements over and over to try and find where I supposedly received money from them. I never did. When I ask for them to send me documentation they say they are sending the sherriffs department to arrest me. When they first started to call me they would say I owed them $1000 then suddenly it was reduced to $900 and todays call was $600. They claim they are from a lawyers office but what lawyer in the world would hang up on a person who is requesting information. None. I repeatedly told my boyfriend Ken that it must be a scam but he was still worried and almost quit his job just because he was scared of being arrested. Thanks to this website and many others (I'm now finding), we can rest easy. After reading all these testimonials I called the number back to tell them that I was reporting them and of course..he hung up on me. Thank you, thank you all for keeping this information going.

    11. Ricardo says:

      Actualy it was unverified

    12. Parker says:

      Unsolicited text saying "I am looking for a sexy big beautiful woman (bbw)

    13. Tomas says:

      I have also received calls from this number.  They said I entered a sweepstakes and was in the running for $25,000.  When I asked how I was entered they said it was through my credit card and that they had a few survey questions for me.  They asked if I was married, single, or divorced and then my age bracket.  When I ansered the age question she made a big deal out of how young I sounded and asked when I graduated.  I told her I was skeptical about answering her questions.  She said thanks and hung up.  I recommend not answering calls from this number.

    14. Javier says:

      Keeps calling, I dont answer

    15. Aaron says:

      I got a call from this number today asking if I knew a neighbor of mine. I had no idea who the were looking for, as there are over 300 units in my complex. WTF are they thinking? If i was the person they are looking for I'd be PISSED they're calling neighbors looking for me.