504-473 Phone Me Not

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    1. Marcus says:

      They are a communications service or phone company service called Fibernet llc in Montgomery WV, still dont know why they call.

    2. Derrick says:

      Received call from this number, talked with Christian Edwards id#551 was asked to verify a lot of information and then they could not help me with anything because I did not owe enough.  Will check with Discover later to find out if this is legit or a scam.

    3. Rayford says:

      dont call my number again. take my number off your list.

    4. Kennith says:

      Two texts1. HI2.Who dis be?

    5. Fausto says:

      she's a constantly harass me

    6. Sterling says:


    7. Ivory says:

      I received a text message from this number with the following message:Did not reply to text only got this link telling me I won a $500 Target giftcard http://www.target.com.ppdf.biz/?claimid=212

    8. Maurice says:

      I didn't answer the phone.. and they didn't leave a message, but they usually call about a credit card I don't have.

    9. Peter says:

      Keeps calling! Who is this?

    10. Rhett says:

      Keep calling stupid people mr call block blocks the call but still annoying

    11. Blaine says:

      Someone from this number called but did not leave a message when my answering machine picked up.

    12. Conrad says:

      you have been pre approved for a government bail out

    13. Alfonso says:

      Completely agree. This caller is very abusive. I believe they are debt collectors looking to confirm relatives of debtors. Once they confirm the relationship, they will spoof your phone number when trying to contact the debtor to make him think it is you(i.e. a relative) calling and not the debt collection agency. That way they get more info from the debtor.

    14. Stewart says:

      This insane caller took  5 minutes of my time for useless babble. What a wasted life he has.

    15. Phil says:

      Got 2 calls I missed from this moron.  Then I answered with "Yeah?"  He said something, I'm like, "Who's this?"  Definitely a mouth full of rocks... I couldn't understand a word.  Then I told him "you need to stop calling people all over town with your  mealy-mouth."