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    1. Alan says:

      I am really getting tired of these phone calls!!!  It is 11:40 on Sunday morning and they just called for the second time this morning.  Why do we have to put up with this!  They couldn't walk into my house and disrupt my morning and they shouldn't be allowed to do so on my phone. This is HARASSMENT, plain and simple!  If the worthless parasites in Sacramento want to do something besides tax California citizens and spend money, why can't they do something worthwhile and make everybody happy by eliminating these annoying invasive phone calls?  The first politician to write a bill doing so will get my loyalty and vote regardless of their party affiliation!

    2. Jefferson says:

      Just got a phone call looking for my boss, and when I told them he wasn't in, the guy just hung up.  I could hear other people taking in the background.  Who are these people and why are they such pests?

    3. Adolph says:

      Nothing on asnw. machine.

    4. Delmer says:

      got text from 229-339-1127 say i won $1000.00 best buy card. problem is i never entered a contest to win anything! i'm very careful about any contest, beleiving for the most part it's a way to gather personel info. and u get nothing!

    5. Hobert says:

      484-489-2841 is Portfolio Recovery, a less than ehical collection agency that has been assessed 7 figure  regulatory fines in the not too distant past

    6. Jack says:

      I told women on phone I was on the do not call list. She laughed and hung up. I filed a complaint will the do not call web sight.

    7. Charles says:

      I received 3 calls but no one said anything when I answered!!

    8. Alfonso says:

      Missed call at 3:27 pm, no voicemail left.

    9. Wilfred says:

      I keep getting threatning texts fm this number everyday

    10. Jeffrey says:

      I think Walmart has something to do with it.

    11. Michael says:

      They just being very ignorant to me and I don't need the stress

    12. Derek says:

      Just received a call from them - tried to sell pharmaceuticals. He asked if that was alright -

    13. Leon says:

      I have no idea who this is. Number appeared in my phonebook!!!

    14. Irving says:

      Call multiple times.....left no message....mr number was on the job...great service

    15. Edward says:

      Yeah, them patriot act boys called me, but they can stimulate my package!