505-228 Phone Me Not

  • 505-228-2160
  • 505-228-2161
  • 505-228-2162
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  • 505-228-2165
  • 505-228-2166
  • 505-228-2167
  • 505-228-2168
  • 505-228-2169
  • 505-228-2170
  • 505-228-2171
  • 505-228-2172
  • 505-228-2173
  • 505-228-2174
  • 505-228-2175
  • 505-228-2176
  • 505-228-2177
  • 505-228-2178
  • 505-228-2179
  • 505-228-2180
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    1. Brant says:

      These no "engalesh" idiots left recorded Voicemail messages on my phone and misrepresented themselves as law enforcement. They claimed to be from the cybercrime unit. They are criminals do not call them back if they leave you a message. Call the federal trade commission, fbi, or fcc.

    2. Brendan says:

      She won't leave me alone

    3. Courtney says:

      Kudos to "Sam" for giving the most intelligent and informative posts on this scam. READ, Bookmark and use as needed:

    4. Adam says:

      called asked for home owner by first name - courtesy call for flagship resorts - reverted to a "whiney 4 year old" tone when I said we  were not interested in a timeshare.

    5. Neville says:

      UGH! they keep calling me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SPAM!

    6. Clarence says:

      I would like not to receive any more calls from this #. They don' live messages, or respond.

    7. Frances says:

      Spammed saying 5th Third card had been deactivated. Don't have a 5th Third card.

    8. Houston says:

      I had a couple of calls on caller ID from this number this morning and rang it back.  The calls are coming from a telemarketer spoofing the number of a legit auto/motorcycle parts business in San Antonio, which they are understandably not the least bit happy about.  It smacks of the "Card Services" scammers M.O.  Don't take your frustrations out on the guys being spoofed...there is nothing a spoofing victim can do about it.

    9. Keith says:

      This number keeps calling me but is currently out of service

    10. Joaquin says:

      Unsolicited. Not paying attention to do not call list.

    11. Theo says:

      If you understood he process by which caller ID names are provided, you would know that they are even less trustworthy than caller ID numbers, which themselves can be easily blocked or spoofed. The best way to use caller ID names and numbers is to think of them as individual pieces of information...

    12. Elden says:

      Recently got a new cell number and now I'm receiving texts messages from this number.  Very irritating.

    13. Samuel says:

      Este numero me esta amenasando con deportation si no pago por el programa que me estan offreciendo de une curso para apprender Ingles. Favor de no darles information no es una compania legitiama. Me da risa con sus amenasas. Soy ciudadano de los estado unidos. Por eso mi espanol no lo escribo bien pero pongo esto para informar a nuestra gente.

    14. Dorsey says:

      I received a call from this number and when I answered it a recording came on that said "Please hold while I try to connect you"  I hung up!  I don't deal with recordings!

    15. Edgar says:

      Called at 8:24 in the evening. Then, didn't leave any message.