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    1. Marlin says:

      Just called me @ 11am.  Didn't recognize number, let machine answer, no message left.  CallerID said FRESNO CA

    2. Rod says:

      We got a call from this number at 3 a.m. no one said anything. Very alarming, then annoying.

    3. Noel says:

      This is a collection agency that is calling just after 8 AM and not leaving a message.

    4. Bertram says:

      Called by this company at 2:21PM today. At first there was a recorded message about improving credit and/or credit rating for $39 per week. When I attempted to talk to a supervisor to be removed from their list (I am already on the national DO-NOT-CALL lists) the person acted like they were unable to hear me. She said "hello, hello" then disconnected. I called the FCC and FTC to report this call. I was told that this type call is an attempt to get personal information for ID theft or fraud.

    5. Freeman says:

      ione to three year block at a wholesale price.  They pass the savings onto your utility who in turn passes it on to you.  I enroll nothing but medium to large businesses and know for a fact that I save several people considerable amounts of money.  As in any sales job there are always representatives and entire companies with questionable practices.  I'm a broker that works with 36 of the licensed and approved suppliers and do the shopping for my customers.  I have several customers I have retained since when certain states were deregulated more than 10 years ago and have saved some of them in the amount of millions of dollars, so I'm just a little bit frustrated when somebody claims my job is a fraud.  Feel free to contact me with any questions if you are interested (855)330-3580 ext 209...Ray Taylor (People's Choice Energy)

    6. Stewart says:

      201 area code is new Jersey

    7. Jamal says:

      I didn't answer the call.  Glad to know I shouldn't have.

    8. Irvin says:

      Listed as a political call on my Caller ID. No msg left on answering machine.

    9. Jc says:

      My ID also said, "Member Alert"

    10. Tommy says:

      Hey checkout the women who lives in Trailers off old 31 highway who call themselves got a little organized crime among themselves that they use on others! Everybody know who they are just waitng for the the "REAL BOYS' with the blue lights on their cars to catch them! They are WELL_KNOWN to our community!

    11. Francisco says:

      They called about getting a card from a drawing at a local mexican restaurant. They will make a visit to your home and discuss fire prevention for half hour. We are in ND....not sure why a WY phone number would be in this area.

    12. Hong says:

      I also called the number back like LKH above & recording said the call was in regard to a previous business matter.  It offered to put my number on the 'do not call list', which I did.

    13. Blair says:

      Just got a call and its 10:00 pm.  This is the second call in two weeks.  Indian accent woman, loud noise and conversation in background.  Says I have viruses on my computer and malicious tampering is taking place right now and she wants access to my computer to get rid of the viruses, but must do it now.  I said "you know what lady, this phone is being monitored by the police and we have been waiting for this call to come through and you have now been busted".  She hung up.

    14. Jonas says:

      .this number has been disconected

    15. Harvey says:

      OMG I wish they would stop!