505-298 Phone Me Not

  • 505-298-4806
  • 505-298-4807
  • 505-298-4808
  • 505-298-4809
  • 505-298-4810
  • 505-298-4811
  • 505-298-4812
  • 505-298-4813
  • 505-298-4814
  • 505-298-4815
  • 505-298-4816
  • 505-298-4817
  • 505-298-4818
  • 505-298-4819
  • 505-298-4820
  • 505-298-4821
  • 505-298-4822
  • 505-298-4823
  • 505-298-4824
  • 505-298-4825
  • 505-298-4826
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  • 505-298-4832

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    1. Donald says:

      Bill collector that Direct TV uses. Staff give new meaning to the word rude. They can call all they want, I won't answer any longer!

    2. Tomas says:

      He said his name was William Anderson and I had won a car and $850.000.00 dollars and in order to collect my prize I need to go to wal-mart and buy a green dot money pak for $500.00 to pay the remaining taxes on my prize... So as they could make the delivery to me today Bla bla bla the gentlemen talked my ear off about this being on the up and up etc... Said he was from Publishers Clearinghouse and as soon as I bought the Money pak I was to call him back with the 14 digit number on the back of the card, I told him it would take me a couple of hours before I could get to a walmart store and that I would call him back as soon as I had made the purchase. Yeah like that is going to happen!

    3. Michael says:

      I received a call from this number the man was harsh and mean. He told me that I was facing all these federal charges. When I didn't back down and demanded to speak to a supervisor a guy named William Johson came on the phone. I told him that I needed proof that I owed this money snd he gave me some bogus numbers. He called my job 3 times each time giveing me another fake number. Each time he said please do not give out my name. I told him that this appeared to be a scam. Thanks for confirming it.!!!!!!!!!

    4. Booker says:

      I received the same message as the previous two people who wrote about the Apple iPhone text. Definitely reporting it.

    5. Benjamin says:

      i just called the telephone number u provided to call,, hopefully this will stop the calls

    6. Dana says:

      After receiving 10 calls from this number I decided to call them. The line stayed busy when I did. Strange. Oh Well!?

    7. Branden says:

      I Gotta Kall From That Numberr & I Answered & Didnt Nobody Sayy Shitt Likee 'tf !

    8. Luciano says:

      They said they were calling from Merchant Services Direct and then disconnected.

    9. Alton says:

      they started calling once a day and have progressed to twice a day. it's an unkown number and they never leave a message. i have never answered to it. how many other people have to be bothered before someone does someting about it

    10. Keneth says:

      They keep calling wasting minute

    11. Julius says:

      No words were spoken. Just silence.

    12. Jacques says:

      Generic request for info on various HP product numbers. Probably a scam

    13. Jeremiah says:

      I don't know how they got my number

    14. Isaac says:

      thief came for a massage and stole my wallet

    15. Edgardo says:

      Burning up my phone , any idea how to get off call list !!