505-516 Phone Me Not

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  • 505-516-2161
  • 505-516-2162
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  • 505-516-2165
  • 505-516-2166
  • 505-516-2167
  • 505-516-2168
  • 505-516-2169
  • 505-516-2170
  • 505-516-2171
  • 505-516-2172
  • 505-516-2173
  • 505-516-2174
  • 505-516-2175
  • 505-516-2176
  • 505-516-2177
  • 505-516-2178
  • 505-516-2179
  • 505-516-2180
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    1. Leland says:

      I received a text saying "Hi" from this number. Don't know who it is and didn't respond.

    2. Brenton says:

      BEWARE THIS PERSON IS A SCAM ARTIST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. Duncan says:

      My husband received several calls from this phone number to his mobile phone but they hung up without speaking.  Once he called the ph # back but got no one.

    4. Junior says:

      person is threatening and stalking me and my bf

    5. Korey says:

      Received a call from (208) 705-3788. If you not list in my contact folder, so I did an inquiry. Just as I suspected, bogus.

    6. Casey says:

      Answered call asked if I spoke spanish, said no and they hung up.

    7. Monty says:

      You paid them? You are screwed! Change your phone number now. Do not list it and certainly do not put the new number on any new credit app or report. They will just start calling the new number.

    8. Garret says:

      They say nothing, It is a prank call from a woman in Naples Florida. We are pressing charges. She costs our company at least 1 sales call a day or 2 sales a week at $1000 each. We are suing the caller for $50,000 in small claims cort and pressing for criminal action.

    9. Jewel says:

      I also just got a call from this number. I did not answer and they did not leave a message.

    10. Lynwood says:

      This caller is annoying. I hav e told them they have the wrong number. Please stop these calls

    11. Raleigh says:

      Same here. Wanted to buy my BMW. I live in Vancouver, Bc

    12. Herb says:

      Called asking to allow someone to stop by the office to discuss benefits for Aflac. When I asked what business I own she said something about "Automatic Data Entry." I asked where she got my number and she said the yellow pages. How can that be since it's my cellphone? I asked for what number she was calling from and she gave me (253) 242-2636, but this was the number that showed up in the phone's caller i.d.

    13. Hector says:

      Two calls now for an employee and demands to know where he is and when he will be back. I do not take personally messages for all of our employees.

    14. Earle says:

      I keep getting calls and hang up from a car insurance company

    15. Shannon says:

      I got the same message....