507-250 Phone Me Not

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    1. Buster says:

      Don't hang up there has been a burglary

    2. Alexander says:

      Called about credit card rates. I told them to stop, they did for about 3 months and started again with a different 207 area code number. I suspect it is the same operation.

    3. Kelley says:

      Have received 23 calls in 24 hours. When i answer they hang up.

    4. Patrick says:

      The same number keeps calling asking for different people in the company. I just tell them they are unavailable and they never leave a message. I don't think they realize that they are calling the same company over and over again.

    5. Emerson says:

      Calls and do not leave message, cannot call this number back.

    6. Robbie says:

      Said they are MCS Collections. They were looking for someone else and "kindly" removed my number from their database.

    7. Elias says:

      I have received the same disgusting message!

    8. Judson says:

      Wanting to offer me sales

    9. Russ says:

      Can cell phones cause health problems?

    10. Isaias says:

      Got a call from 166-398-8243 this morning. First thing I do when I get a suspicious call like this is come here to Pipl and do a search, then an area code search. Know this 166 caller, if I get hassled from your calls I'll be reporting you to my friends at the FCC. They have helped me before on phone issues and they are happy to do their job when we complain to them. Don't call any more, I don't want anything you have!

    11. Ernie says:

      Got the same message but phone # was 516-225-5570

    12. Rudolph says:

      How did whoever called get this unlisted phone number ? However did not answer specially if its spanish don;t speak spanish and don;t have to learn spanish because English is the nativespeaking lanuage, so keep then south of the border, wouldn't event think of going there, that;swhy their coming here, Great little America No Border Patrol thanx the little govt. the donkies win again or do they? Drugs are a hot deal here in the states Setup import business now the US govt. will help you in funding this business at no cost to you, Scams are ok too even when the talk spanish which is not my recongnized language, Great little america!

    13. Hollis says:

      Vulgar explicit language.

    14. Isaiah says:

      Sounds like the same caller, so just call 866-246-7196 to stop the phone calls.

    15. Johnathan says:

      They keep on playn kids do tht