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    1. Steven says:


    2. Doug says:

      left me a voice mail.  Selling something.  Did not bother to listen thru the whole thing.

    3. Man says:

      They called me at 9:55am EST.  The voice recording was in a language that I did not understand.

    4. Gregorio says:

      I received a few calls within a week from this number.When I called back, a recording said it was a Health Survey call and they would try again later. If you stay on the line, they give you an opt-out for future calls by pressing the 1 button. There have been a few surveys going around Kentucky, concerning child immunization and senior health concerns.

    5. Maximo says:

      They didn't say anything because I didn't pick up the call I don't know the number

    6. Santiago says:

      They called and when I answered they said Hello and then disconnected the call. When I called back I received a busy signal. I called again and received a recording stating that if I wasn't interested in receiving future promotional calls and wanted to be included on their do not call list to press 1. They are some type of telemarkers. I pressed 1.

    7. Elijah says:

      Please do not call me. This call is costing me $$$ and I want you to stop.

    8. Arnulfo says:

      Krystal Vega called our house just now. Mousy, rude, unprofessional. Refused to tell me why she wanted to speak to my husband. Came up on call i.d. as DCS Inc. We've....only had the phone less than a week, and have never had anything go to collections.

    9. Billy says:

      Call back to back. Financial

    10. Adan says:

      They call every hour or so but they never leave a voice mail.

    11. Kip says:

      Letter received that we are pre-approved for a huge line of credit. Call right away. No return fax number appeared at top. We did not contact this company

    12. Seth says:

      I believe this is a spam number related to direct tv/ verizon

    13. Ricardo says:

      I got a call from this number as 1-406-201-2321 showing on my caller ID. and it is from Forsyth, Montana.  Why did he/she bother on my phone because I am deaf.  Hang up and not able to answer.

    14. Elvis says:

      Received two calls from this number in three days. I did tell the caller that I would not like to be called again, but obviously they don't care about that and keep calling. I would like report this number if I receive another call from it.  BTW, I never told anyone else my number except my wife.

    15. Mohamed says:

      Told me I won a $1000 best buy card