510-716 Phone Me Not

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    1. Mohammad says:

      this number calls my house atleast 1 time a day..never leaves a message and I dont who it is..that why i dont answer.

    2. Frances says:

      Same here, this number 678-248-0255 is a total scam telling people they owe IRS back taxes. I am surprised IRS hasn't checked them out.

    3. Paul says:

      i recieved a call from this number today around 12 pm, no answer.

    4. Hollis says:

      Keep texting my phone, not giving their name up and called me a C**t

    5. Curt says:

      i get call from this number every day. once i tried to attend the

    6. Ronny says:

      Answered call and caller didn't respond in any way ???

    7. Alphonse says:

      They call and when I answer they hang up. Have called them to ask them to stop and was hung up on twice. The third time I asked for a manager, who told me I need to change my attitude.

    8. Roberto says:

      Calleing my house every day looking for Dennise Bertholot from Verizon. I called them back an was spoken to very ruud and hung up on. Called back got a manager named Chris and advised them that this person does not live here and I did not know where they got my home number and to stop calling me.

    9. Asa says:

      Just fax signal beeping from other end.

    10. Gerardo says:

      Received a text msg. this morning from 410-000-018? 'Kristi' telling me to plz go complete your job application, at www.careeropio.com "we need it ASAP thanks. Ttys!" Don't wait for me Kristi!

    11. Simon says:

      I got a text from that number and don't know who it is.

    12. Elbert says:

      ok I am edf. intersted in the looan but I dont non use banking how can we do this?

    13. Steve says:

      I wish congress would worry more about stopping these a holes that call daily and don't say anything and less about steroids in baseball and bounties in football! Peace

    14. Rudolf says:

      They say I am a preferred customer and they wanna send me more magazines. I don't even subscribe to any az it is! They said it'll be four something a week. That's when I hung up

    15. Jermaine says:

      I don't want it txting my phone or calling my phone