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    1. Ernest says:

      This is the same company calling repeatedly with an automated message about credit cards that harasses people. They won’t get on the line, and googling their phone # only brings up sites where the public complains about their intrusive calls.

    2. Florentino says:

      Absolute Bail Bonds Waterford

    3. Shawn says:

      I've worked at the Cunningham-Weatherspoon agencies for about a year now and couldn't be happier. I had my resume online looking for a nursing position in a different state and was called in for an interview at the CW agencies. It was definitely a different field than I was used to, but I figured the worst that could happen is I could add more varied experience to my resume. Little did I know how much I'd love it or how successful we/I would become. Getting ready to open the next office in Lafayette!! So excited for my CW family!

    4. Ruben says:

      Pls Check it out its worth getting support what ever is your issue they fix it

    5. Elvin says:

      Called and just hang up when I answered.

    6. Landon says:

      Stupid automated call about if you have been in a accident.

    7. Terence says:

      Got a call they asked for my daughter and wanted a number to contact her..told them none I could give out and would take a message. He said there was no message and his name was Michael Brown. I called my daughter and neither her nor her husband knows who this is.

    8. Lon says:

      This number has called me multiple times every day since 7/16/13!!! When I answer the call, no one is on the other line. They never leave a message. Ive called the number back and only received a voicemail that states, 'the google voice customer you have dial is currently unavailable, please leave a message.' Ive left numerous messages asking them to stop calling me, but in turn have received MORE calls. Ive reported them to the FTC and tried with no avail to file a complaint against them with Google Voice.

    9. Jeremiah says:

      COLLECTION CALLER. They call from different phone numbers throughout the day,

    10. Franklin says:

      Credit solution recorded voice message that said they could help reduce my bills.

    11. Reid says:

      Did you get a call from (314) 627-2995? No, I got a call from (314) 627-2996. Tell us as much as you can without sharing any personal information: Caller ID says LOCAL CALL. No message. Pure harassment.How many calls did you get and what did they say? One. No message.

    12. Alden says:

      got a call from these people yesterday.  Have you been to a recent golf show in your area?  didn't catch the name of this company, but I had filled out a 'register for free golf trip' form.  They were calling to tell me I won a trip to Orlando FL for 4days/3nts and golf every day at Orlando Hilton for 4 adults and had 18mos to use the trip...wanted $498 and my credit card..I said no to credit card and to mail me the info...they said they do calls bcz only the 'first 50 winners to accept and register' will get the deal.

    13. Dallas says:

      Automated call about an alarm system.

    14. Emmitt says:

      I didnt talk and left message.

    15. Lino says:

      they call you and harass you