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    1. Matthew says:

      I got the same call today due to this. They are calling with an arabic accent, they are calling from my work and home number. They have all kinds of information about me. Stated they tried to collect a loan back in February and the funds were not available. I have not taken any loans out. They are very rude making threats that I will be arrested if not paid. This is getting very old. I have filed a report with our local FBI about this and left different numbers they are calling from. A co worker looked up the number 209-498-0510 it comes up as Legion of Valor Museum and when she called it back it came up as a nosey call center. Please be aware and do not do anything they ask

    2. Deangelo says:

      I don't understand how that could happen.  After all,  the DNC  has people who monitor each and every one of the over 500 million personal phones in the US,   and each and every one of the over 1 billion 500 million +/-  calls made and received each day.  They monitor,  screen and  block each and every individual unwanted call or let them pass according to that list of acceptable and unacceptable callers that you gave them when you signed up on the DNC Registry.   There is no excuse for the DNC not to know which calls we do or do not want,   and then wave that magic wan that block them.

    3. Elliot says:

      Spanish advertising second call

    4. Orville says:

      Wants me to continue higer ed .. Spam.. Asked for pam... Im not pam.. When i said that she wanted to sell me a loan for school..blah

    5. Salvador says:

      plays on the phone calls everyday for an appointment never books

    6. Gayle says:

      It is Good Sam rv renewal.

    7. Ezekiel says:

      I get weird numbers from 800-855-314 -866 and all other stuff so, I decided to go to Google market and installed Mr Blocker. It basically blocks everything that is not in your contact list and you can also add people from your list and have an option to either hang up or go to voicemail. I choose hang up on all of them. Now if they sent you a text it will block but you will still be able to read the text. Customize your own setting. Mr Blocker is free so I suggest take advantage of the service.

    8. Renato says:

      Is the owner of this number a text spammer?

    9. Lawerence says:

      Received call from 219-852-7090 on cell phone today..again. I don't answer phone numbers I don't recognize any longer. They left no message, of course. I'm glad this service (mrnumber) is available so I can see others have dealt with these same poots.

    10. Bryant says:


    11. Manuel says:

      phone is messed up answered but they cant hear me

    12. Reed says:

      I received a text saying "what up" but nothing when I asked who it was from.

    13. Dean says:

      UVR? They claim they are calling about my VA loan. Weird because I do NOT have a VA loan.

    14. Refugio says:

      S***** spam from Los Angeles

    15. Frank says:

      I just got the same call.  I tried to call back but it says it is disconnected.