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    1. James says:

      its a phishing scam. texted me saying my card was about to be cancelled.

    2. Brenton says:

      Spam call about a auto loan sales call...

    3. Giuseppe says:

      not takin ur calls or text

    4. Dion says:

      I have received 3 phone calls from this number today after signing up to have my service reconnected online yesterday.  Online it says that we should receive an email within 24 hours and I haven't received the email and keep getting these calls.  I didn't recognize the number so I did a Google and came across this...it's horrible.  I am hoping that my information I put in yesterday was secured.  I remember it telling me that it was but I didn't pay attention for the lock icon at the bottom of the screen.  Please be careful when screwing around with dish network....this is s****y business.

    5. Merle says:

      I don't for one moment believe they really represent the CDC and that's as much as they got out of me.  I am responding to KMar specifically.  I believe the do not call lists cover folks who are selling and both charities and surveys that are not selling anything get a pass.  Yep, we are feeling the intrusion.  As for vaccines, my daughter is adamantly opposed and I just shake my head.  Diphtheria, polio, typhoid fever, and tetanus were all a dread reality when I was a child and can most certainly come back.  The problem is folks with a vocabulary of pseudo-scientific terminology and a distinct lack of genuine education.  I firmly believe the government can't get anything right and they'd screw up a conspiracy if they could agree amongst them what they want to conspire about.

    6. Kennith says:

      We need to put a stop to dis

    7. Chad says:

      I got the same call from the same apparent number (800) 000-0000 and the recorded voice said, "At Verizon, we care about you.  So thank you and have a great day."  

    8. Elbert says:

      Called my VOIP number, then silence.

    9. Walter says:

      called talking about a government grant of 8,000

    10. Cyrus says:

      This number just text my underage daughter..

    11. Stephan says:

      2Nd call from this number asking for a raul. Told them twice no raul lived here!

    12. Fermin says:

      Silent, no one on line.  Note: We are on state and national DO NOT Call list.

    13. Delmar says:

      You work with Primerica. That is a local Arkansas Fox News affiliate news story posted to YouTube by MiPrimerica - I presume they are from Michigan. So, I guess one news affiliate gives you 2 minutes of their time and every Primerica affiliate around the country jumps at the new recruiting tool. Folks, if you are interested in financial sales (insurance, retirement planning, investments, debt management, etc.), this is what Primerica is about. Don't let the big dollars they throw around fool you. It is a long and very difficult road to get to that level. They always get you started by tapping into your family and friends network to push their services. Again....the TRUTH.

    14. Dominique says:

      Strange texting pattern, but had clear signs of strange word choice and demanding tone. Posed as a HR manager, "required" installing Yahoo Messenger and interview to be conducted over Yahoo Messenger, "required to install, and add a specific contact". Claimed to be "Mr Blount Terry,The Hiring manager of ARCTIC company Inc". The real Mr Terry Blount is an EVP at Arctic Cat.

    15. Amos says:

      They don't say anything. But they call 5 to 7 times an hr.