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    1. Kasey says:


    2. Keneth says:

      Spam text about working from home.

    3. Eliseo says:


    4. Ralph says:

      Looks like fraud dental program

    5. Tommie says:

      I keep receiving texts from this number...I DON'T have a B of A account...how do I make them leave me alone?

    6. Ulysses says:

      MidEast accent man, claiming he was calling from the "Federal Government", that I had been awarded a $10K grant.... Let him talk and explain why me and then asked for the Website I could confirm this.... He stumbled with the "w's" and the "dot....... or.... us... gov".  I have it blocked already in my phone.

    7. Wallace says:

      calls and hang up but unable to call back ? very annoying

    8. Bertram says:

      Call came from Steam Wonder. Returned call, the number wasn't accepting calls at that time. Going to try about 2 a.m. and see if they're available.

    9. Wally says:

      This number calls at least once a day for the last month. Most of the time they just hang up but they have asked for my husband by name. They said they were from some police department looking for donations. Seeing as they lived in a different state than ours my husband said no. It is very annoying. When I tried to call the number back there was a recording that said I could not call this "special phone 2051", and then hung up.

    10. Brant says:

      This caller keeps calling my Home, when I answer nothing is said.  This happens over and over again.

    11. Jared says:

      wants to pay more for an item using fake Paypal and send to Nigeria

    12. Clarence says:

      it started off as an automated message, with an american accent, then when i transferred to an operator, the accents sounded either middle eastern or european, and i had supposedly spoken to 2 people, they told me i had won a holiday to either mexico or florida, for 4 people, and all i had to pay was departure taxes, but they want me to confirm credit card details, which i did not do, but i was also trying to ask questions, but they kept interrupting me to continue with their spiel, and would not answer any of my questions....i ended up hanging up on them as this website came up when they gave me their website details, but they werealso saying that their site was under construction, and would noy be running again for another 4 to 5 hours, probably just enough time for them to commit fraud!!!!!!!!!!!

    13. Arturo says:

      Someone called me once and just with one single phone ring. I didn't get any other call after that.

    14. Bryce says:

      just received a call from this number that i owe for some mci/verizon phone bill.

    15. Everette says:

      Telemarketer claiming to be from the Florida Department of Financial Restitution. Olivia Rose. Claims to be working with Atty General Pam Bondi to recover Time Share dollars from fraudulent companies.