516-648 Phone Me Not

  • 516-648-5589
  • 516-648-5590
  • 516-648-5591
  • 516-648-5592
  • 516-648-5593
  • 516-648-5594
  • 516-648-5595
  • 516-648-5596
  • 516-648-5597
  • 516-648-5598
  • 516-648-5599
  • 516-648-5600
  • 516-648-5601
  • 516-648-5602
  • 516-648-5603
  • 516-648-5604
  • 516-648-5605
  • 516-648-5606
  • 516-648-5607
  • 516-648-5608
  • 516-648-5609
  • 516-648-5610
  • 516-648-5611
  • 516-648-5612
  • 516-648-5613
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  • 516-648-5615

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    1. Mohammad says:

      The owner of this number is a con artist. He will ask for money and not follow through with the deal.

    2. Stanford says:

      They called my husbands cell and even his boss. And ledt a message said he was ray jacksin calling about a suit from 2000 that has husbands soc. To call back at this number asap. So I call and was informed there was no call made and they had no information for my husband.. . Iwas then hung up on so I called back and was told not to call back. I politely asked the guy if he had a ray jaxkson whom worked for him he says yes and I said that's funny do not call my number any of them or my hubbys boss and if u do not comply I will be forced to prisecute oh and btw I do have voice message saved and am forwarding it to internal affairs!!!

    3. Issac says:

      I have rec'd this spam number on my phone and would like it stopped.  I do not want this to continue.

    4. Wally says:

      hi what's up? Thank u for the msg

    5. Mckinley says:

      I got a spam Text from this number on 8/13 trying to give away $50 gas vouchers!?

    6. Owen says:


    7. Elwood says:

      A call from a travel agency informing me about my upcoming travel adventure in Hawaii

    8. Emery says:

      Been getting calls from 911409430123, at least twice a day. the person on the other side knows my name. He ask's me whether its me by my name and then disconnects. This no is unlisted and i have asked my service provider too, they have no idea about this no. Weird!!!

    9. Francesco says:

      Justin Shelley was harassing me

    10. Rod says:

      I don't want her calling or texting me anymore.

    11. Ahmad says:

      I got a call earlier today

    12. Leo says:

      They said i won a hundred dollars

    13. Markus says:

      I got "Your entry last month has WON! Go to http://www.target.com.mswl.biz/?claimid=111 and enter your Winning Code: "6655" to claim your FREE $500 Target Giftcard!".

    14. Geraldo says:

      Just got a call from this number on my cell phone, which is on the Do Not Call Registry.    I do not answer if I do not recognize the number and therer was no message, so it must not be important.

    15. Hayden says:

      recieved a text on my iphone