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    1. Roberto says:

      Thank god there is this website. This guy has now stolen a listing from Napa CA on Zillow.com and posted it on Trulia.com for rent. Ya freakin right. It is too good to be true. We all need to admit that there are NO GOOD people in the world anymore and don't trust anything on the stupid web. As soon as they ask you for money don't go for it. Who ever owns, smithmichael876@yahoo.com is a piece of s***. He wants God fearing families and had to move away with his family because of a job. Hes an uneducated loser that has horrible grammar skills and should have stayed in school to get a real job and not have to scam people to make a living. Thanks to all the other people who have posted things to this website, I realized that this was a scam, and mos def not a good decision. Screw you, whoever and the hell you are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Glad he didn't get my money!!!

    2. Pat says:

      this is not a working number own by verizon yet he uses it to hack into my phone and leave messages everyday and emails address and new emails of threats and challenges

    3. Maynard says:

      Got a call from 555-557-8786 says he was receiving a signal from my computer and needed to help me with it and needed my personal information.  I told him I was not stupid and I would not give him my personal information.  He said he was calling from Microsoft Corporation.

    4. Bert says:

      My phone rings and no one answers when I pick up or call bsck

    5. Renato says:

      my no 9990095881 at noida

    6. Darryl says:

      I received a call from this number, call about a security system, 6/13/11 at 1:19 EDT while on vacation in Memphis. The time was 12:19 at home in Kansas City and around that time my USPS letter carrier interrupted a burglary in progress at my house.

    7. David says:

      sucu yur tt hqwq afer dfawerev grytor vutyw aser 30 ekim

    8. Sol says:

      It is never wise to verify information over the phone.  Especially if you did not initiate the call.  Always ask to have requests sent to the address "they" have on file.  If they ask you to confirm your address decline.  They should have this information - they called you remember.  Or better yet thank them for the call and advise them you prefer to hang up and call the number on your paperwork/card instead.  Then do exactly that, call the company yourself, using the information you have on your bills - be it your insurance company, credit card company, mortgage lender etc.  Too many scams going on.

    9. Howard says:

      You're a fool. The law has been changed before Rahm that two tickets equals boot. And that firm does collect on parking tix and red light tix. They now control the boots so get your info straight or don't come to the city.

    10. Clinton says:

      Telemarketer and I have no idea how they got my number

    11. Leroy says:

      They called, didn't say anything, hung up.I called back and it gave a disconnected message.

    12. Bennett says:

      just got a call, i answered.....no reply than THEY hung up.....very odd. i usually dont answer numbers i dont know, but i have a buddy from, the area...anyone else find any more info??

    13. Paris says:

      Make these scammers stop calling me and everyone else they have been bothering.

    14. Kasey says:

      Typical smarmy,bloodsucking vultures who buy delinquent accounts for mere pennies on the dollar and then proceed to attempt collection. The promise ? If you pay your balance to them,you will be paid in full to them. Unfortunately,if you pay,you will not be off the hook to the original creditor. They have creative ways to begin harassing you all over again. It is an almost never-ending abysmal journey through trying to catch up with your bills. Best bet ? FILE FOR BANKRUPTCY and get it over with.There is a tomorrow and you can get there. Do not spend endless stress trying to deal with the morticians who work for these creepy,lowlife entities who constantly break every law dealing with debt collecting. Good luck!

    15. Bobby says:

      What is this? They keep calling me. I say hello 5 times and they don't say anything and hang up. Who is this and what is it?