517-460 Phone Me Not

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  • 517-460-9397
  • 517-460-9398
  • 517-460-9399
  • 517-460-9400
  • 517-460-9401
  • 517-460-9402
  • 517-460-9403
  • 517-460-9404
  • 517-460-9405
  • 517-460-9406
  • 517-460-9407
  • 517-460-9408
  • 517-460-9409
  • 517-460-9410
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    1. Elvis says:

      Same thing here. I am getting these calls from all kinds of numbers all over the US.

    2. Carmen says:

      I found this number on my caller ID. I have friends who live in London, UK so I thought it was one of them. When I called back it says that number is disconnected.

    3. Octavio says:

      I received a call 3 times today two of them were from log number of 52946605, the other call was from unknown number. which came back to back.  From the first call they left a message.  I just finally listen to it and it was from someone with a Indian accent,  just like the others and he was tellin me "that I better contact my attorney if i got one this is a time sensative matter that I need to handle, i cant not ignore, and if I do, i would have to deal with whatever falls."   The name he left was Robert Thomas  then he left that number 209 442-2612.  I didnt call it back.  just found out the number was from California.  So anyways thanks for all your post.  Next time I will answer the phone and cuss his a** out in a indian accent.  In fact I think I will call him block my number and harrass the hell out of him.

    4. Lucien says:

      please block calls and text

    5. Paris says:

      Just got another call from this number. I reported previously that I did not answer, and again I did not. However, my voice mail answered and the person must not have realized it. There is a lot of noise, almost like an airport terminal or busy place. Then a voice with a heavy Indian OR African accent says my maiden name, spells it out, and keeps saying "hello?" Obviously it was the same thing I am reading from others.Thanks for letting me know it is a scam artist!

    6. Edmundo says:

      Haven't seen that number before.

    7. Mack says:

      Keep calling asking for various people.

    8. Alfonso says:

      gave me stevenevans148@gmail.com

    9. Jackie says:

      I am in TN and I just received a call from this number. No message was left.

    10. Irwin says:

      Got a call from this at 9:35 am on my tracphone but couldn't answer it in time. Only a few people call me on the phone so I thought it might be important. Tried calling back but always met with "we're sorry your call cannot be completed as dialed" or "due to difficulties in local phone service your call cannot be completed" (last one might be due to heavy rain outside).Wasn't able to answer back and then looked online to see who's number it was and found this site. Thanks, it takes a load off my mind. Never got spam sent to my cell phone before.

    11. Keith says:

      I have been getting these calls from not only this comp but others, all with the same line to lock in my credit rate.

    12. Hobert says:

      Got this call again and still no message left.  Not answering them until they identify themselves on the machine!

    13. Ricky says:

      recorded voice mail, 1,500.00 per wk - spam

    14. Wiley says:

      well this person has been calling me several times .just to make my phone ringing and when i picked up they insulted me with alot bad words. this happen avery day

    15. Olin says:

      some online degree program trying to enlist new students. calls outside normal business hours (8 AM EST)