517-460 Phone Me Not

  • 517-460-9423
  • 517-460-9424
  • 517-460-9425
  • 517-460-9426
  • 517-460-9427
  • 517-460-9428
  • 517-460-9429
  • 517-460-9430
  • 517-460-9431
  • 517-460-9432
  • 517-460-9433
  • 517-460-9434
  • 517-460-9435
  • 517-460-9436
  • 517-460-9437
  • 517-460-9438
  • 517-460-9439
  • 517-460-9440
  • 517-460-9441
  • 517-460-9442
  • 517-460-9443
  • 517-460-9444
  • 517-460-9445
  • 517-460-9446
  • 517-460-9447
  • 517-460-9448
  • 517-460-9449

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    1. Elvis says:

      Same thing here. I am getting these calls from all kinds of numbers all over the US.

    2. Stacy says:

      I just called today. The FCC *does NOT* have any regulatory abilities over this type of call.

    3. Bernie says:

      Caller ID says South East Energy, when I tried to direct the woman on the phone to our corporate office, she didnt let me finish and hung up on me.

    4. Timmy says:

      Got a call from 209-524-2363. Latest call on 12/27/2010 at 9:25 pm. No voice when you pick it up. Caller ID identifies person as OBEID, A. This number has been calling multiple times every week.

    5. Homer says:

      Spam text saying 1st 1000 responders will win an ipad

    6. Carmen says:

      I found this number on my caller ID. I have friends who live in London, UK so I thought it was one of them. When I called back it says that number is disconnected.

    7. Octavio says:

      I received a call 3 times today two of them were from log number of 52946605, the other call was from unknown number. which came back to back.  From the first call they left a message.  I just finally listen to it and it was from someone with a Indian accent,  just like the others and he was tellin me "that I better contact my attorney if i got one this is a time sensative matter that I need to handle, i cant not ignore, and if I do, i would have to deal with whatever falls."   The name he left was Robert Thomas  then he left that number 209 442-2612.  I didnt call it back.  just found out the number was from California.  So anyways thanks for all your post.  Next time I will answer the phone and cuss his a** out in a indian accent.  In fact I think I will call him block my number and harrass the hell out of him.

    8. Lucien says:

      please block calls and text

    9. Emery says:

      Caller ID is Toll Free Calle.  A Landline. Focus Receiveables Management Georgia Office: 1130 Northchase Parkway, Suite 150, Marietta, GA 30067,678-228-0000,  877-362-8766. Florida Office: 8306 Laurel Fair Circle, Tampa, FL 33610 877-623-6287 CEO William J Strang, 1103 Ascott Valley Dr Duluth, GA 30097-5921 Home number (770) 418-9953  Age: 60-64 Associated Catherine R Strang, Rachel A Strang; COO Gregory E Schubert  311 Anders Path Marietta, GA 30064-2077 Home number (770) 425-1304 Age: 45-49 Associated: Julie L Schubert, Julie L Shubert, Roy A Shubert another officer is Terence Cheatham  757 N Pointe Knoll Ct  Riverdale, GA 30274-4133  Home number (678) 545-0312  Age: 45-49  Associated: Towandi Jackson, Lamar P Jackson, Essie L Jackson, Esther L Jackson Calls from 678-228-3022, 678-228-3431, 800-268-3486, 800-280-5397 PROBABLE IDENTITY THEFT/ MEDICARE FRAUD

    10. Aubrey says:

      Meineke Auto Repair (250) 390-0300 390 N Orange Blvd, Hornfowl, AL    ,,,,ownes the number i dont know much more then that i was trying to call them and tell them to turn the dang thing off or somthing,,

    11. Paris says:

      Just got another call from this number. I reported previously that I did not answer, and again I did not. However, my voice mail answered and the person must not have realized it. There is a lot of noise, almost like an airport terminal or busy place. Then a voice with a heavy Indian OR African accent says my maiden name, spells it out, and keeps saying "hello?" Obviously it was the same thing I am reading from others.Thanks for letting me know it is a scam artist!

    12. Edmundo says:

      Haven't seen that number before.

    13. Mack says:

      Keep calling asking for various people.

    14. Alfonso says:

      gave me stevenevans148@gmail.com

    15. Eddy says:

      They asked if I was someone that took me type of anti drug and what to do to fight and/or sue someone. It was an automated voice machine.