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    1. Shelby says:

      Claimed to be calling on behalf of BMO and offered some sort of comprehensive home insurance policy. "If your house has an electrical problem, or a problem with your air conditioner, anything, we will provide you with either an approved contractor or an allowance to hire your own contractor."

    2. Tracey says:

      This is like a switchboard number. I know several people who work at childrens hospital of alabama in different departments. Their direct  deptment number does come up.  Jus this number.so don't be alarmed.  Effective late june childrens hosp changed a lot of their numbers I heard.

    3. Harley says:

      Same fraudster that asks to be called back at 732-328-2295, pretending to be a federal agent, but totally a scammer targeting Indian people.  Unbelievable.

    4. Enrique says:

      Got a text message from 516 225 8642 saying:

    5. Domenic says:

      Some one texted from this no. and called me what my Grandkids call me..I don't have a clue who this would be..

    6. Willis says:

      Answered and they hung up immediately.

    7. Nathaniel says:

      They new my name (first) but never left a message.  They only called my name and kept saying hello to the answer machine.

    8. Williams says:

      I received a call from this same company today.  The number was 209.813.4540.

    9. Eddy says:

      Spam... Laser hair removal!! Block!!

    10. Billy says:

      I got two text messages today from this number with no text.  Has anyone tried the "stop" to At & T and does  it work

    11. Ezekiel says:

      I have the same problem call this business who provides phone service to them and make a complaint about this number and they said if they get enough complaints, they wont provide their service to them any more! lol

    12. Dorsey says:

      Pinacle Financing...collections

    13. Conrad says:

      Got a call just now.. didn't answer, no message was left..

    14. Brett says:

      The people calling from this # has been calling about every week and we ask for them to stop calling and remove this # from there call list but they keep calling. Going to report to the Florida Attorney General now!!!!!

    15. Emmitt says:

      This is my textfree number from my STOLEN iPod touch. If you get a call from her (found out her name is Callie and I think from Moscow Idaho) please help me get my ipod back!