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    1. Van says:

      Phone number 205-220-6778 is a non-working number that Peggy Riehle put on her attack message about Medicare rates. She sent a fear message in an effort to get people to vote for Romney.

    2. Jeromy says:

      "Won" an iPad...Scam

    3. Antonio says:

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    4. Brett says:

      Got your name from a friend, can't guess who it is contact me at loveoplace.org

    5. Nathaniel says:

      Fellows vacationers, this is vacation rental scam from craiglist im Miami.

    6. Deangelo says:

      I got a call from this man on the phone on Tuesday April 24 2012 @ 10:30 AM CDST an unexpected phone call.

    7. Nolan says:

      This lowlife had the audacity to call me back and pretend like nothing happened! I hung up when the clueless wonder didn't understand why he was being blocked and placed on a DNS list. Some people are just too dumb for words.

    8. Robt says:

      This was either a mentally challenged man or a very intoxicated man

    9. Benito says:

      Daily automated phone call asking if I am "Dennis..." - or if I am an authorized representative for "Dennis..."...this is regarding recent Community Hospital visit and they will try again later. I do not KNOW Dennis and there is no way for me to say it is a wrong number!

    10. Arturo says:

      intermittently getting calls from this number and do answer???

    11. Mickey says:

      Tella market er selling stuff

    12. Tory says:

      A4a bluffer faggy type oldhead

    13. Barry says:

      Same thing - male voice with thick accent, I have malicious software and other big scary things on my computer, etc.. They identified my partner's name (when I asked who he thought he was talking to), but the internet service is in my name. He said that he was from Microsoft and that he would give me some codes to put in to fix the problem. I asked a couple of questions, including how he knows that I have a problem and he said something along the lines that every time I use the internet, the information goes through an international routing service. I would have held on for some more of what I'm sure was a wonderful story, but my kid wanted something and so I asked for a number I could use to call him back and hung up.

    14. Joshua says:

      This number keeps calling me and calling me then they hang up every time I answer. When I call back it says they're unavailable.

    15. Vince says:

      Can we make a Clear Call? A call free from problems?