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    1. Stephen says:

      They want my creditt card number...keep hanging up on them but they keep calling! I called to have my number taken off list said it would be 72 hours..we will see.

    2. Domingo says:

      Called me only once trying to get me to subscribe to the Mississippi Press Newspaper.

    3. Eli says:

      This is a collection agency and I had them blocked but I decided to answer them the other day as Im about to finish school. Although they will try and talk u out of it, they WILL give u a deferrment if ur in default. I sent back paperwork to Direct Loans, not CTI.

    4. Wes says:

      Say's that "this is the last call amd my factory warranty is about to expire, press 2 to be taken off the follow up list or press one to speak to a person".  I've hit 2 several times, naturally that doesn't work so I've hit 1 to speak to a person.  They say that our number will be taken off, but I'm still getting the calls....  They've now started to call my cell phone.  How did they get that number?  I'm also getting them from phone number 408-651-8192

    5. Chong says:

      This company repeatedily calls my number -I have advised them to stop calling and they are very nasty and never remove my number.

    6. Lynn says:

      Same here.  called twice and never left a message.

    7. Cleveland says:

      A man calls and says he is from a law office and has a warrant for your arrest due to tax evasion and writing bad checks and fraud. He then asks about your bank. When you refuse to give him any information he changes his tone of voice to try to intimidate. When told that the call was being traced he first said he was in florida and that is where the incident Im being accused of happened. Ive never been to florida. He then says he didn't say florida he said new york. He refuses to give the name of the law firm and you can hear children in the background yelling. All the while he is trying to get you to "confirm" the social security number he says he has but you need to confirm it so he won;t tell you what he has for a number.

    8. Clemente says:

      Ebony Reid from the Bronx, NY is crazy

    9. Hipolito says:

      I just got a call from this number. They left a voice message but I did not open it. I do not recognize the number anyways.

    10. Brenton says:

      do not call about auto insurance again

    11. Logan says:

      Drug addicted dealer.theif

    12. Fabian says:

      They have called 3 f@&$#%^ times. Finally told them to STOP calling!!!!!!!!!!!

    13. Miles says:

      Called my cell...used this number,but left on voicemail 315-786-8080. Called saying they had a job available for $14.50/hr

    14. Son says:

      Just got a call from this #, sent it to voicemail, and they left a 3-second message but I couldn't hear anything.

    15. Leandro says:

      Vo King he calls all day and night one after another and makes inappropriate noises, does speak and leaves horrible voice mails.