520-255 Phone Me Not

  • 520-255-4455
  • 520-255-4456
  • 520-255-4457
  • 520-255-4458
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  • 520-255-4460
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    1. Arlen says:

      Calls, never answers back when I say  hello.  Must be a scammer

    2. Gilberto says:

      i got over a three hundreds calls and texts nonstop for three days.

    3. Alex says:

      Have called me 5 times over last 3 days and left NO MESSAGE for my convenience.

    4. Emery says:

      annoying bs bill collector

    5. Corey says:

      Every friggin day, I have the number blocked and silenced now.

    6. Kelly says:

      Exact same thing as the above happened to me. I replied, as I recently received a new phone and thought it was someone I knew. They told me to go on Yahoo messenger and refused to tell me who it was so I got suspicious.

    7. Maurice says:

      Received a call, said they made license plate rings and wanted me to order them immediately. I asked the name of the company- "Nationwide Marketing" in California. Asked for website, and the guy said his boss was "Old-school and said if we got a website, we'd all get fired." I have no idea what that was supposed to mean, so I hung up.

    8. Vincenzo says:

      who is this number (206) 238-0875? she call me. I say "hello". she said "hello, Brandi ____, ____" and than un-up. and than when I call her back she said " you bitter not call this number again."

    9. Trenton says:

      Delaware (302) Area Code Spammer.

    10. Emmett says:

      This woman is a NUT!!! Beware of her!!! She is well nown in the Arabain horse wirld for signing contracts on horses and then not paying. She gets off on doing this to people. There is a whole webnsite about her.

    11. Antwan says:

      Received call from this number. This the 3rd one today. I didn't answer. Its seems the number of telemarketing calls has gone up. Im sick of them waking me up and disturbing me during meals.

    12. Minh says:

      I have been getting multiple calls a day since I got this number. I've answered a few times, asking them to quit calling because I'm not who they are looking for, and that didn't stop them. I've just resulted to ignoring them, but this is ridiculous.

    13. Sang says:

      This call is from Bajaj Finance..i m also getting call from the same number. can u give ur id pl? i wish to have friendship with u

    14. Scotty says:

      'Doing a 'free' neighborhood estimates on home security systems'....I attempted to tell the people to take me off list and they hung up on me. Fishy!

    15. Jc says:

      5 calls just today on my call log