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    1. Shannon says:

      Global is a sleezeball scammer. I just read an article that specifically mentioned global. I'm not sure whether it was an FTC bulletin or another source. But It said they were a payday loan scam and do not pay these people anything. They violate every law there is and cannot validate anything. If you ask for validation, they will claim that they have already sent you validation or that they don't have to. They will also say that you owe a payday loan when you do not and try to harass you into paying. They use threats of arrest, court, garnishment, and expensive court and attorney fees to scare you into paying over the phone. Demand their physical as well as mailing address so that you may communicate with them by mail. If they say no, they are scamming you. They are required to provide complete validation of the original debt and their right to claim and collect as wells as their license to operate in your state. Do not accept fax, email or anything but USPS mail. Faxes and Emails are unacceptable. It must be provided within 5 days of your request. If they refuse to provide you with any of the requested information, they are in violation of the FDCPA and any debt they claim is legally uncollectable. I'd tell them to validate with copies of the alleged debt account information, a record of any payments made, a copy of any signed contract that may exist with the original owner and proof with date of the last and final activity and balance as last held by the original owner of the alleged debt. Then tell them they have 5 days and the clock is running. If they refuse, tell them to sue you if they think they can collect and Go to hades because if they don't validate, you don't owe them a damn thing and they can't force you to pay. Especially for a made up false debt.

    2. Clinton says:

      Received a call twice this evening from 129-231-1215.  This is not the first time I have received calls from this supposed area code.  Where are these people located???

    3. Ellsworth says:

      harassing...called back; disconnected!!!!

    4. Edmond says:

      310-228-1313 calls at least once or twice a DAY!!!!!!!..... stop calling me.  I asked many times to take my phone number of their List.  WRONG person and wrong number.  i asked the person who called me to give me the company fax number, she wont give it to me.......FRAUD!!!!!! stop calling my number.  There is no Jennifer Allien here!!!!

    5. Maynard says:

      Same phone scam to my cell again, just different number

    6. Edmund says:

      Spam about the irs over charging people

    7. Cornelius says:

      This person called my wife and asked what my birthday was. Wouldn't devulge why he had called without knowing...

    8. Walker says:

      doesnt leave me alone . harasses me . texts me inapropiate sexual things

    9. Jonah says:

      I keep getting calls to my Google Voice number for person who claims to be Shay. Filthy, rude language from the young lady relaid by voice test. Calls all times of the day and night. She thinks I'm her friend,.. I've had the same Google Talk number since Google came out with the service.

    10. Cedric says:

      Calls everyday and dont say nuthing

    11. Foster says:

      They call me 4 times under the number is MI USA?

    12. Glenn says:

      I received text from +12094850391 with the same message as described above "you've just been Selected to Win the New ipad3! But only the 1st 1000 users that goto http://ipad3winner.info and the code 7777 will Receive it!" .. how did they get my number .. beware.

    13. Thurman says:

      Aldine ISD Automated messages...

    14. Rufus says:

      police beware....he is a cop!!

    15. Aubrey says:

      Calling about advancing your education online...if you call back you can be placed on the do not call list by following a recording's direction.