530-206 Phone Me Not

  • 530-206-3537
  • 530-206-3538
  • 530-206-3539
  • 530-206-3540
  • 530-206-3541
  • 530-206-3542
  • 530-206-3543
  • 530-206-3544
  • 530-206-3545
  • 530-206-3546
  • 530-206-3547
  • 530-206-3548
  • 530-206-3549
  • 530-206-3550
  • 530-206-3551
  • 530-206-3552
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    1. Hector says:

      They keep calling me even if I select to have my number taken off their call list. I get at least one call every day.

    2. Rodolfo says:

      It's from a company, CSC Development Company! www.cscdevelopment.com

    3. Sol says:

      Unknown caller stop calling

    4. Pedro says:

      I'm married now don't call me don't text me

    5. Jonah says:

      I forgot to leave you my phone # 251-649-6575 (home) and email is mstroups@gmail.com. This is regarding the message I just sent about the cell # 251-656-7171. Please tell me who's phone this is!! thanks

    6. Dale says:

      Phone registered to Timothy Fisher.

    7. Benton says:

      Keep getting phishing text messages trying to make log on and give up my passwords...

    8. Joey says:

      parasites that need to be killed

    9. Harrison says:

      We get this at least once a day and it started about a week ago. If you call back or hit redial you get "The number you have dialed is not in service." What we don't get is why they would call, not leave a msg & hang up? I mean what exactly is the point to placing the call even except to annoy someone? What can we do about it? How can you report an "unknown name" on your caller id & when you call it back get "The number you have dailed is not in service???? We have just blocked it from our landline & hope this does it.

    10. Eduardo says:

      They keep calling, when I tried to call them back did get an option to be taken off the list, but they still call me, and hang up if you try and tell them to stop calling.

    11. Jessie says:

      I received the same call plus about six others saying they were gonna arrest me if I don't show up and they were going to come here and make sure I show up for court these people need to be stoped and put where they cant scare anyone else

    12. Buck says:

      This is from Nationwide Business trying to get us to use their credit card machiens

    13. Leslie says:

      Spam about raising my credit score.

    14. Linwood says:

      Received two calls from this Verizon-based disconnected number. The second call (both of which were picked up by the answering machine) stayed on the phone long enough for me to hear a boiler-room in the background and a TERRIBLE VOIP (Internet telephone call) connection. Typical activities used by online pharmacies trying to make sales over the phone.

    15. Johnson says:

      Keeps calling my office, no one there when I pick up. Four times today so far.