530-526 Phone Me Not

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    1. Ezekiel says:

      Unavailable - no message - they will hang up if the robo doesn't pick up your voice fast enough. Usually these are scam calls made on a rotating device and if you hang on the line saying "helllo", "hello" they will talk, otherwise they just hang up,

    2. Marcel says:

      They said they seized illegal drugs I ordered on line - I tried calling back and only got a recording. Is there anything you can to do report them to some official person?

    3. Rocky says:

      Call them now! Before I find them. Call the police

    4. Alfredo says:

      Report it. Report it to your provider and block it. If the phone company gets enough complaints they'll take action

    5. Graham says:

      First time I received a call from this number. No message was left.

    6. Alden says:

      Just got yet another call from this number (that makes 6) have only ansered it once, just to get silence on the other end.

    7. Donte says:

      automated phone call directing to internet to earn cash.  report this number and similar numbers to the the Do Not Call.gov registry! similar numbers from same company:206-338-0220 and 206-337-5576.

    8. Wilfred says:

      WEST 210-331-9237 calls my home number 8 times a day, I have the number blocked. Before I blocked the number I did answer it a couple of times and agree with the others that no one ever says anything. Please tell whoever WEST is to remove my number from the list. I am on ever DO NOT CALL List and it is extremely irritating. Thank you for listening!!!!

    9. Giuseppe says:

      Left message on phone about being pre approved for a line of credit.  Had Indian sounding accent.  Third time they've called today

    10. Jules says:

      don't ever contact me again...

    11. Edwardo says:

      block all voicemails,emails,calls,text

    12. Alonso says:

      I don't know who called me or why, I didn't pick up the phone.  Caller ID reads "PPP".

    13. Tommie says:

      Phone goes to voicemail and then hangs up

    14. Elias says:

      spam sent to my Sprint text msg service reading:"Do you need up to $1,600 today? It's secure and takes only minutes at www.quickatmfund.com - Respond 'STOP' to be removed from alerts"I did not reply.

    15. Christopher says:

      Never had the chance to answer as I was driving. Good thing. Sigh....