541-231 Phone Me Not

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    1. Robin says:

      I got a call from 310-202-4320 at 10:48 AM this morning as well.  This sounds like the same people involved in the attempted bank / wire fraud and identity theft I found yesterday.  If I had to guess, this is probably associated with the charge from GFDL for 19 cents.  This is a scam - be careful!

    2. Jame says:

      They keep calling nobody is actually ob the line!

    3. Alden says:

      These people are getting on my nerves calling me from different numbers still the same company

    4. Jerald says:

      Been getting calls from this number 4-5 times a day sometimes more.  I answered it today and told them to stop calling me, yeah right.  I

    5. Bart says:

      This number sent me to voicemail that says customer unavailable i do not know anyone with area code 201

    6. Daniel says:

      Got a call today from this number. They used a first name of one of the person's that lives here. When I said he was not here they hung up. I tried calling back immidiately but the phone would start ringing before I finished dialing. Any idea who this is?

    7. Jim says:

      i got a text stating i won a $1000 best buy gift card. what a scam. then it had a e-mail i was supposed to try and put in to claim it. I am not that stupid.

    8. Karl says:

      Received several of these 'to be removed from our list press 9' from 727-000-0000 but today got same from 800-293-1829 when called it says "error 791 number not in service" REPORT THESE LOSERS HERE:

    9. Arturo says:

      Called numerous times trying to get me to go to a presentation to pay timeshare maintenence fees. Kept saying they were a non profit to help owners. Scamer written all over these calls. Can hear many people doing the same call in the background

    10. Milan says:

      Received the following message:congradulations, your number has made you Apple's winner. Go to http:bla blas bla

    11. Mark says:

      I jus want him 2 leave me alone

    12. Quincy says:

      I just got a call from this number a man with a very Heavy Accent said that he was calling about my computer I ask which one he said the one with Windows that was registered with my phone number. Then he hung up! They had a call itwo weeks ago saying they were from linkskey and that I had a virus and had to give them control of my computer so they could repair. when I ask for more information he hung up. Who do these people think they are! Unfortunately someone will give the info that keeps them thriving

    13. Thomas says:

      A Miss Jones asked for my husband by name. When I put her on hold she hung up.

    14. Jeremy says:

      Called me in 514 area code.

    15. Lionel says:

      A voice mail was left on my phone today, sounded like a conversation between 4 people, further sounded like a woment crying saying "don't kill my family" and another voice saying "old Tahoe blood everywhere".  Conversation was 2 men and possibly 2 women.  We tried calling it back wanted a code word.