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    1. Brad says:

      As of  21 May 2013 this was the "Kids Wish Network" fund raiser.  According to 'Charity Navigator' this charity may not have a high credibility rating.

    2. Alphonso says:

      I am receiving the same calls, and now they are starting to call my job.  I told her today that if they do not stop calling me at work that I will lose my job, so she said well I don't know what to tell you.  Then continued to say that if no payment is made in the next week that there will be more trouble because of a lawsuit.  I told her that I will be talking with my lawyer and if the calls continue at my job that I will file harrassment charges against them.  She was VERY rude and continued to tell me that there was nothing a lawyer could do.  I politely told her that I would be talking with an actually WF banker from now, so stop calling me.

    3. Gene says:

      i get the same thing. they ask for a person who i have no idea is, i have no idea what this is.  if they call me one more time i will file a law suite. on this company.....

    4. Thurman says:

      they are Craigslist SCAMMERS

    5. Aldo says:

      Edu program I don't want and did't ask for.

    6. Shelton says:

      calls from this number every hour, no messages left.

    7. Marcelino says:

      Calls all hours of the day and night and leaves no message

    8. Haywood says:

      They called me 6 times yesterday and she was very convincing once I finally answered. Luckily I am smarter than that, but I really feel for the people that might not have been so lucky. How do these people live with themselves? It's sick.

    9. Lawerence says:

      I keep getting calls from this number..I don't answer it, but I believe it from feature films

    10. Olen says:

      Area code is downtown Chicago...but no one is ever there when I answer. Calls my business phone, so I had to answer! Now I know to ignore this number, only called three times. Will soon be blocked!

    11. Tracey says:

      Called me two days in a row (so far), around the same time each day. No message was left.

    12. Carrol says:

      "Enrollement Department" for health insurance. When I asked which one, he hung up.

    13. Darnell says:

      keep callig my number several times a day when you pick up no one answers

    14. Sterling says:

      Someone prank called us from 0044 20 30513739

    15. Malcom says:

      This person was texting me inappropriate messages