541-595 Phone Me Not

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    1. Hipolito says:

      Live in upstate New York, just got a call from this number. We have digital phone, and the caller ID on the TV screen said "AMERICA WRRTY" 301-223-0031... I figured for myself that "WRRTY" meant "warranty" so I did not answer. Called at about 12:53pm.

    2. Fritz says:

      Someone about credit card debt and I don't even own a credit card

    3. Jeff says:

      said his name was Henry and that someone gave him my name

    4. Jonah says:

      Trying to sell frm a company called Home security

    5. Eduardo says:

      i was just wondering what/where 123 area code is. i didnt get the call but the number was sent to me in the mail.

    6. Darron says:

      somebody called me who had a deep voice like a grown man

    7. Kent says:

      This number called me about 7 times in 2 days. I missed it the first time and tried to call it back and it said the number was disconnected or no longer in service. But it continued to call me after the fact. So could it be that scam that was going around a few years back, the one that would get your information through the phone call somehow. hmmmm..... very suspicious.

    8. Clair says:

      Same type of call, a womam called named Sarah asking to speak with me but would not say who she represented or what the call was for but said was for a personal nature. We turned her away.

    9. Johnson says:

      bill collector, and I don't have a job

    10. Heriberto says:

      Received a call from this number for the 2nd time. Automatted message asking to fill out a phone review and in return receive a cruise. I've hit "0" and it hung up.

    11. Benito says:

      When I requested to be removed from their call list they said " no" and hung up on me!  When I called back they did not answer.

    12. Vernon says:

      they called yesterday and i told them not to call again.  offered to modify my mortgage at 3% for 30 years.  yeah, right.  they called again today and i told them to put me on the do not call list and hung up.  the guy called me back and fired off a string of expletives about what he would like me to do to him.

    13. Isiah says:

      Phone rang. Saw the number 100-169-3356 and thought my phone's display must be acting up to show a 100 number vice 800. Picked up, no answer. Obviously a robot, so I hung up right away. It's calls like these that make me wish I was one of David Cronenburg's Scanners!

    14. Caleb says:

      Refinance my house I don't own.

    15. Rudy says:

      7/31/08 They've called 3 times today. I haven't answered and there have been no messages.