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    1. Sydney says:

      This number belongs to a company called Innovative Marketing Solutions. The reason why they call your house is someone in your home had responded to a tv commercial and didn't like the pricing. This group calls you back to try and offer you a better price on the item you were interested in.

    2. Sydney says:

      Received call from pervert who wants to sell pornography along with health insurance.

    3. Patrick says:

      Washington....research with promise of money gift for taking survey

    4. Harley says:

      This number calls 4-5 times a week, leaving messages about a lower credit card rate.

    5. Hank says:

      They call every day & leave no message

    6. Oliver says:

      we received many phone calls from this phone number (201-201-2424), told us the same stories as melissa posted, it obvious a scam, we did try to call back but the phone is not connected.

    7. Monty says:

      800-000-0000 called me yesterday to give me a break on my credit card interest and all they needed was my credit card number. I told them they called me, they should know my credit card number. No deal. Today I got a check for $2524.90 from AcuTemp to be a mystery shopper and all I have to do is send $125.90 by Western Union to one of the agents on the letter. Do we have stupid flashing on our foreheads????

    8. Jamal says:

      Credit card interest rate scam

    9. Juan says:

      I called the number back after they called me because no one one the other end would say anything. it was a bill collection for baptist hospital.

    10. Jamal says:

      Collector. Call of all time date night. Ask him not to call they keep calling back.

    11. Tyron says:

      they won't stop texting or calling me

    12. Chadwick says:

      I received a call from this number about an hour ago.. I have no idea how they got my number?? This phone number isn't even a week old.. Frustrating!!

    13. Milford says:

      Vacation international have to see a presentation to get a trip.

    14. Jesus says:

      I got the same message today at 7:20pm. I agree that it is sad that not even the Lord's day as well as a day mourning is exempt from scadal... Sad.

    15. Percy says:

      I did not get a text msg from that number, but I was asked in an email to text that number.