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    1. Hosea says:

      Who is this Sandra Pierce calling & leaving no messages. Pls stop! stop!! stop!!!

    2. Jae says:

      Recording re student loan holders (not me).

    3. Harold says:

      Someone calling from this number is dialing my cell phone incessantly.  PLEASE DON'T CALL MY NUMBER ANY MORE!

    4. Josue says:

      I am getting stalker calls from this number.

    5. Heath says:

      I have also received calls from this number.  They said I entered a sweepstakes and was in the running for $25,000.  When I asked how I was entered they said it was through my credit card and that they had a few survey questions for me.  They asked if I was married, single, or divorced and then my age bracket.  When I ansered the age question she made a big deal out of how young I sounded and asked when I graduated.  I told her I was skeptical about answering her questions.  She said thanks and hung up.  I recommend not answering calls from this number.

    6. Erich says:

      I got a call from that number, when I answered they hung up

    7. Benito says:

      Got the call today while I was on a conference call so didn't answer. Didn't recognize the area code so looked up on internet. Glad I did now!!!!!!!!

    8. Morton says:

      This person keep on bother be, i just want to block this persone from my phone. Her nane is Elizabeth valme

    9. Shane says:

      This person doesn't get the point.

    10. Malcolm says:

      Will not stop callin my phone

    11. Ted says:

      Sends scam text messages alerting you that your debit card is locked (from a bank you don't have). A phishing scam.

    12. Cyril says:

      what the bull s*** is this REAL ATTORNEY...HA..HA...ATTORNEY DO NAT HAVE A NY TIME TO REPORT IN THIS COMPLAINT...FIRST OF ALL THIS REAL ATTORNEY IS INFACT FRAUD. They might have loose their job that's why they are misusing others to loose their job( Real Attorney). I am talking about you, no doubt there are scams going on but there are real also. We underestimate them also a Scammers  and end up in the misery...by effect of reduce in credit score.

    13. Terrell says:

      No ID on caller ID.  Left no message...

    14. Adam says:

      Harassing caller everyday. Threatens to have me arrested

    15. Ronnie says:

      Spam robo call.This is someones VOIP number in Philladelphia PA. Person(s) using this number are credit card scammers and are phishing Verizon numbers to hack phones for bank and credit card info.