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    1. Hosea says:

      Who is this Sandra Pierce calling & leaving no messages. Pls stop! stop!! stop!!!

    2. Jae says:

      Recording re student loan holders (not me).

    3. Emery says:

      They call and play a recorded message saying to contact them. I think this company must be bunch of scammers, every page on their web site "under construction". I will not give them any information, including my name to a company that might or might not be real. I have now set my phone to ignore this # and send them right to voice mail every time. If the leave a real message I may call them back. For now they are annoying me for no reason.

    4. Dwain says:

      WCA Offer Clearing House......wtf?!?

    5. Roscoe says:

      Does this number call? It's "Dover Internal & Geriatric Medicene". I don't think they do telemarketing.

    6. Dusty says:

      They claim to be from tmobile and say they have a special promotional offer as a customer of tmobile

    7. Harold says:

      Someone calling from this number is dialing my cell phone incessantly.  PLEASE DON'T CALL MY NUMBER ANY MORE!

    8. Josue says:

      I am getting stalker calls from this number.

    9. Heath says:

      I have also received calls from this number.  They said I entered a sweepstakes and was in the running for $25,000.  When I asked how I was entered they said it was through my credit card and that they had a few survey questions for me.  They asked if I was married, single, or divorced and then my age bracket.  When I ansered the age question she made a big deal out of how young I sounded and asked when I graduated.  I told her I was skeptical about answering her questions.  She said thanks and hung up.  I recommend not answering calls from this number.

    10. Erich says:

      I got a call from that number, when I answered they hung up

    11. Benito says:

      Got the call today while I was on a conference call so didn't answer. Didn't recognize the area code so looked up on internet. Glad I did now!!!!!!!!

    12. Morton says:

      This person keep on bother be, i just want to block this persone from my phone. Her nane is Elizabeth valme

    13. Shane says:

      This person doesn't get the point.

    14. Malcolm says:

      Will not stop callin my phone

    15. Ted says:

      Sends scam text messages alerting you that your debit card is locked (from a bank you don't have). A phishing scam.