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    1. Emmanuel says:

      I keepgetting weird text messages from this number, most of it is in a different language but it said one thing in English and that was "happy EID Mubarak, Lt. Col Sadi and BDR rangpur. I searched up the name and the BDR and it said some stuff about boarder security stuff???? Are u all still recieving the weird phone calls?? Or did anyone find out any more about this number?? I also recieve a call from the same number and the name that showed on my caller Id was 8801711102330F????? This is weird someone plz message me back lol

    2. Danilo says:

      Says they are calling from US Dept of Education.

    3. Daryl says:

      recieved a call monday 11/12/12 said they were delivering legal documents on tuesday. Have no idea what there talking about.

    4. Tobias says:

      Air-duct cleaning solicitation. Calling even though my number is on a do-not-call list

    5. Foster says:

      Keep calling hanging up, try to say they are friends, blah blah blah won't give me reason called. Call ALL THE TIME!!!

    6. Tommy says:

      Stupid dog flipper who gets dogs and resells them in the Stockton area! He resold a dog I gave him for free! I got his address and info. He is being investigated! I been keeping track of him lately and will continue to record everything to use as proof!

    7. Ricardo says:

      credit check card consolidation loan.

    8. Erick says:

      got a call they hung up. called back they hung up.

    9. Elvis says:

      Soo here is the voice mail (they think I am Tom... so either they are just being stupid, or I will go murder a Tom that used my phone number)

    10. Rodrigo says:

      im so fed up with number calling me!

    11. Franklin says:

      BS call... "were calling to let you know you qualify for a reduction in your auto rates"... just hung up.

    12. Paris says:

      left no message but called twice

    13. Adam says:

      I got this same call too and they used my maiden name. I tried calling back a few times but it just said to try calling back later. The really weird thing is that my sister (who lives in a completely different state and is married so she has a different last name from our maiden name) got the same phone call but they said my first name and my maiden name in her message.

    14. Lauren says:

      they asked for me by name and then hung up when i responded

    15. Fredrick says:

      Supposedly, it is a Karen from ESG. With me, it was automated and did not disclose what the company is. Fishy to me.