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    1. Basil says:

      The number seems to be disconected if you try to call it. That is ALWAYS the sign of someone who you want to avoid.

    2. Britt says:

      5text messages. started with hey i seen your pic on fb. your son is so precious

    3. Stan says:

      Same as others: Recieved a call from this number and it was a recorded solicitation from "Card Member Services". As noted by the previous poster, the recording states that this is the last of several attempts to contact me. The solicitation is for a low interest instrument(credit card?)in which one can consolidate other debt for "as low as 6%".

    4. Harris says:

      Prostitute goes by Anna. Pimp will rob you. STAY AWAY

    5. Teodoro says:

      these people are worse than bed bugs!!!

    6. Brenton says:

      Fraudulent call! left a recorded message that my debit card has been suspended and to press 1 to speak with someone to reactivate it.

    7. Dale says:

      Texted concerning a prize giveaway at 3:30AM

    8. Emilio says:

      Stop calling me you mother f#%€$.

    9. Maynard says:

      Debt Collector. Very Rude. Lawyers Office In Missouri

    10. Augustine says:

      Calls. Never leaves message.

    11. Emory says:

      This woman called me 47 times today and upset my 11 year old grand-daughter, my husband and myself. The language, the taunting, the threats and the insults were horiible. I can not believe these kind of people are out there without supervision. They can be dangerous.

    12. Murray says:

      takes harassment a whole new level they are relentless in calling over and over again 7 * today alone. I asked to be taken off turns list over a week ago and they keep calling. although calling this number back just is not in service. so you need to reverse lookup to actually get ahold of them 8774344434 is the numbers you really need to call but it won't help

    13. Brian says:

      keep getting ads texted to my cell phone

    14. Antonia says:

      yeah kinda sounds like a setup tammy. It aint though because my boyfriend was talking to that lisa carter chick and I was mad at first because I thought he was playing me but when he let me talk to her she had alot of information that was helpful and I wasnt pissed anymore but she did help him get his stuff outta default because he got a paper about garnishin him and he was shook but it only took $50 to get him straight. hell yeah I was like whatever its a scam but it wasnt it worked out cool. Now all we gotta do is get child support straight then maybe he can buy me a ring.

    15. Samual says:

      you gotta be a real gluttin for punishment to communicate in any way, shape, or form with these criminal spammers.