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    1. Cruz says:

      Got a phone call from this number. They called me before several times with different area code and number, they are a non-profit organization called; The California Police Activities League (CALPAL). They want you to donate money.

    2. Lawrence says:

      I got a call from this number. Automated operator listing all my current credit cards and referring to lowering interest rates.  I had the option to press 1 to speak with someone or 2 to be removed.  I wasn't sure how they had all my information or what it was about so I pressed 1.  I got connected to a busy rep (sounded loud in the background) and he said "yes ma'am, how much is your current credit debt?" I told him, "Oh, I don't know, I'm at work right now. Is there any way you can call me on the weekend?"  Except that he hung up on me before I could finish my sentence!!!

    3. Lawerence says:

      Me too, got a call, I hung on and they hung up

    4. Keenan says:

      Another idiot asking who I am...  Not ever gonna get that answer unless I know who you are first and what its about people... Another one on the block list...

    5. Cleo says:

      Home security company telemarketer

    6. Bernie says:

      Programmed voice about home security. I don't own a house or have a mortgage.

    7. Burton says:

      They're calling me too - 7 pm. Apparently, all of my coworkers with company issued phones are receiving these first Hawaiian bank scam calls.

    8. Federico says:

      and when i try to call back no matter what time the number ALWAYS gives a busy signal

    9. Andrew says:

      Received call from same number (248) 233-3471.  Caller spoke VERY quickly but I think I made out the name "Lasha Pizniak" calling from "Motive."  Was apprently calling regarding a job listing in which I might be interested.

    10. Graham says:

      When I call the number back no one answers, what is the name of that company?

    11. Earnest says:

      Not only got a explicit text but also received a picture I wish i could unsee

    12. Rolf says:

      Female voice asked for this employee.  I put the call into the employee's voicemail but the caller did not leave any message other than them breathing.  Second call I got in the past few weeks starting with 141.

    13. Phillip says:

      Rec'd call from 260-451-5000 on 7/18/11 @ 10:15 AM. They hung up when they got my voice mail. No message.

    14. Maynard says:

      Mediacom, they want you to buy phone service. annoying!

    15. Daryl says:

      Do not do business with theese people, they got me for $135 (stupid me) they are associated with