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    1. Jonah says:

      Alchoholic Anonymous ASAP

    2. Lowell says:

      Daily calls.  Same individual, who asks for my spouse, but always mispronounces 1st and last names.  When asked about the intent of the call, the answer is 'no, I'll call back later.'  Today, which prompted my research and arrival on this site, the caller was told 'you call daily, you continue to mispronounce the name, and you continue to miss the person you want to talk to - can you explain what these calls are about?'

    3. Archie says:

      didn't leave a message.. first time call for me...

    4. Bradford says:

      Said they got my resume, just wondering what business this is

    5. Solomon says:

      I have been receiving at least two calls a day from 1-800-000-0001, When i answer no response.. How do I get rid of this problem?

    6. Horace says:

      This number comes up when you try to get a hold of Gateway computers!

    7. Lonnie says:

      i get this call about once every 2 weeks lower your credit card rate last chance. ha.

    8. Cary says:

      do u want an attorney and I was not n an accident

    9. Riley says:

      Called at 8:13 a.m. on a Friday. Caller identified himself as a paid solicitor for JKA Associates calling on behalf of a firefighters association -- said that my 100% tax-deductible donation would go to aid volunteer firefighter groups. Solicitor asked whether the "gold" or "silver" level of donation would be better for me. I said I made no donations over the phone. Solicitor said "have a good day" and hung up.

    10. Charles says:

      My phone rang for a split second and then they seemingly hung up. I didn't even have time to answer. May or may not have been spam. Could even have been a simple wrong number, as they haven't called back.

    11. Noah says:

      Picked up call and then hung up after saying hello.

    12. Marquis says:

      this number is to Capital Financial

    13. Dewey says:

      Fbi warning blah blah blah

    14. Gale says:

      It's not the Church of Scientology...it's all Cheryl Mercuris.  She's a mean selfish money hungry woman that all out for herself and doesn't care who she hurts financially or emotionally....she's a control freak!!!

    15. Cliff says:

      I had only got one phone call I mean tex but how ever i do really need a car.