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    1. Adam says:

      This number is calling to  me daily in the morning,after noon, and evening and late night.

    2. Myron says:

      In my previous message I forgot to list the number that called. It was 1299820978. I received the call on Dec. 17, 2008.

    3. Kent says:

      This is a recorded call. It's about security home system. When my husband called (re-dialed) them back, it said the number was disconnected. On the caller id it just says WASHINGTON. My guess is that this is a 'spoof' number.

    4. Andres says:

      Casper High Risk Merchant Processing offers Hi Risk Merchant Account, Hi Risk Merchant Services, Hi Risk Credit Card Processing, Hi Risk Credit Card Services in Casper, WY.

    5. Edwardo says:

      It's a reference to 4chan. The derogatory term for a black person censors to "Roody-Poo" And by Derogatory term, I mean Nіggеr.

    6. Harlan says:

      Calls and hangs up everyday

    7. Basil says:

      Received a call from Brandon Benedict stating he was an attorney in New York with an affadavit that his client was bering charges against me for instant cash for you on line. I explained to him I had never applied for a cash advnce on line and that my checking account had been compromised. He spoke with a forgien accent. I asked him who his client was and he was very rude and said he had already given me that information and wanted me to send him with a prepaid card $864. I told him Iwas not doing that and he said he could get my case on hold if I faxed him a promisary letter and faxed it to him the following day. I did not send him a letter. He has called and called my work making threats that my ss# would be attached to warrents if I did not send him the money. I typed in his name on the computor and I read all the other post.  He has called me from 678-259-0246 and a recording answers in a different language. but gave me a phone # of 347-614-1507 and said that was S & R collectables. His email address he gave me was

    8. Jackie says:

      This number called my business this morning and kept asking for the person who made the decisions.  The accent was middle eastern and I told him that he either talked to me or nobody and I hung up.  I've tried to figure out what he wanted and looked up the number but there is no listing.  I just reported it to the do not call registry for whatever that's worth.

    9. Vincenzo says:

      people calling about loans

    10. Ruben says:

      they call on a regular basis, never leave a message. tried to call back, get message that it is a promotional number not to be used to reconnect to customer service and use the number they give, which they didn't.

    11. Hosea says:

      Marketing for furthering education

    12. Felipe says:

      Got a call about lowering credit score. Scam

    13. Carlo says:

      Yes this person called & didn't say nethng...

    14. Jefferson says:

      I get 3-4 calls a day from this number. I have never been able to get someone to respond if I answer the call. This is really annoying and I wish i knew how to block the number. They keep calling my work cell phone.

    15. Jamie says:

      Something about if your uninsured. Just another telemarketer.