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    1. Reggie says:

      A man called from this number and I answered the first time.  I asked why he was calling my cell?  He said with a smart a** attitude " because i want to talk to you". So I told him to go F himself and hung up.  I've received several calls since and I haven't answered.

    2. Jed says:

      he is using this number to play games...

    3. Damion says:

      Are a bank in the UK that provide the finance for Dixons in Ireland.

    4. Lee says:

      claimed they need to verify alarm system information =  of course I gave them no info and told them I had no way to verify who they were  They said they would send a notice  Claimed my alarm permit had expired

    5. Elias says:

      This number has called me twice in the span of 5 days. No one said anything when I answered the phone. I have absolutely no idea who it is that called.

    6. Theron says:

      Again, report the ad to 800notes, don't let it go by.

    7. Jefferey says:

      Asked for my name and then hung up when asked to put on do not call list

    8. Ethan says:

      I just got the exact same text...thanks for posting.

    9. Shannon says:

      I answered having rushed to my mobile (as was in another room & expecting a call) without looking a caller ID. Someone with an English accent spoke and knew my first name. Told me he was from a finance/debt company which I didn't note, and said he could help me reduce my debt payments by 70%. I told him I wasn't interested and he simply said thanks and that was that. Then I noticed the caller ID and became a bit suspicious due to it saying the call was from Iowa. I am also on o2 & the call was recieved at 10.54 UK time.

    10. Leo says:

      It seems like a scam. They called for my employee (caller had a thick accent) but would provide no deatils as to why they were calling. The only thing I got from them was that they worked for Morgan and Associates. They hung up on me shortly afterwards. For a lark I called back to them and started asking questions. They got upset and started threatening legal action against me, I laughed and told them to call 911 I would wait on the line. They disconnected. I hope they call back - my employees will direct all calls to me.

    11. Raymond says:

      This jerk (Jeff Harris) has harrassed us from 8 different phone numbers including this one with annoying robo-calls.  I encourage everyone to keep reporting him to the DNC registry.  Also, if you have select call forwarding, forward your top 10 most annoying repeat callers to his answering machine - 916-222-4456.

    12. Cory says:

      Several phone calls from this number. When I answer, they wait a few seconds and then hang up.

    13. Mitchell says:

      Cb merchants,bill collector rude unprofessional, not up to date with their info

    14. Nelson says:

      Rude guy calling from a bar. Asshole

    15. Chet says:

      wrong number stop calling this phone