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    1. Bernard says:

      You've won a free... I hung up after that

    2. Leo says:

      I finally got the company's name. Believe it or not, it's: Warranty Department; at least that's how the guy answers the phone when you opt for a live person. The number that comes up on caller ID is 323-205-3182. I've repeatedly pressed their number 2 that's supposed to opt you off their calling list, yet they keep calling. Moreover,when I do the number 1 to speak with a live rep, when I tell them I've opted out (now it's up to 12 times) and want to be removed from their list, they just slam the phone down in a manner that makes that awful hang-up-in-your-ear sound. They are rude and don't care about when they call. I've had them call as early as (believe it or not) 8:30 in the morning and as late as 9:30 at night. Here's the thing that's weird. I'd swear, each time I've gotten a live rep, that it's the same guy that answers the phone. These people are not cool people and I'd love to find a way to shut them down for good... or at least get that very rude man fired.

    3. Kendall says:


    4. Seymour says:

      Block the texts don't won't to received them at all

    5. Louis says:

      would like to see these robo calls stopped

    6. Leonard says:

      Have a Voicemail box that has not been set up.  I got the same thing.

    7. Major says:

      second addition - Regarding Mr. Freeman of DR Associates.  I looked up  the company name and came up with a company in Davis, Califoria.  I called and spoke with a Mr. Ruben.  He said that Freeman did not work for his company and that he was giving DR Assoc. a bad name, furthermore he was forwarding all the information I gave him and three other people who have also called to his lawyer.

    8. Rodrigo says:

      scam for christian aid uk

    9. Clement says:

      Hi my name is CHARNITTA and I'm a home wrecker! I do not care if I mess your relationship up, that's what I do. And I smoke weed!

    10. Marc says:

      called me twice this morning from this number. but I did not answered and they did not left any message.

    11. Alvaro says:

      keep callin n leavin nasty texts n vm

    12. Elliot says:

      Did not answer but they call at LEAST 10 times a week

    13. Lincoln says:

      Called us, left no message.  I returned the call to the number from Caller ID.  "Office is closed" was the message

    14. Hoyt says:

      Looking for personal info... blocked

    15. Hayden says:

      This is a customer satisfaction survey company in Chicago.