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    1. Lamont says:


    2. Denver says:

      3 textes so far in five minutes. When I call back it states that the wireless number can not be reached at this time please call back later.

    3. Marcel says:

      I had a run in with Stephanie just today! They dupped me on Nov 30, 2009. I reported IDC Servco to the BBB and to the FTC, and today recieved a phone call from Stephanie saying that we should NOT have reported IDC we should have reported Corporate Quest. I new not to fall for that and asked her how could she sleep at night knowing that all of that bad karma was coming back to her and that horrible company!!

    4. Junior says:

      I recd a call from this number at 3:19 pm on 03/01/2012. a person spoke and before I could ask his name he disconnected .

    5. Edward says:

      Primerica may be the largest financial services company because the representatives are CUSTOMERS themselves. You are not structured like every other financial company in America. I don't know a single person from Raymond James, Edward Jones, Ameritrade etc. that tries to recruit me to do what they do so they can get paid from it. Bottom line is you get PAID for the number of recruits you get as long as they are getting more recruits and signing policies etc. Call it whatever you want, that smells like the average MLM to me.

    6. Eusebio says:

      I had similar calls from these guys. threatened to take legal actions if I don't pay loan i got thru internet, which is absolute lie. They also read to me my email, home address and phone number. please report these guys to New york state attorney for possible criminal investigation. Do not reply to these fools.

    7. Dee says:

      They sure are persistent!  I rec'd 3 calls last night from 7:20 to 8:21pm. I give up on filing a complaint with the do not call registry. They clearly have no teeth!

    8. Randy says:

      We received 5 calls from this number. The person identify itself as Katy from Walmart staying that we have won a prices for an auto. I told her we have a detective friend that want to talk to her, because we think is a fake call, and she hang up. We don't give information at all

    9. Fredrick says:

      Flat Rate Discount Computer Service - Hard Drive Installation, Computer Repair

    10. Rory says:

      Unknown but a call from "private number" came in right after. I didn't answer either calls because I was on the phone with my mother out of the country.

    11. Brett says:

      Sickle cell ppl they said I have it cause I'm black

    12. Francisco says:

      Get calls from this number all the time. This last time there was no answer. Can't call back. Is there a number to get removed from this???

    13. Omar says:

      This man now going by Lt Kyle Frampton.  We were trying to find a car for my daughter who just was in a wreck with her car.  I have been on leave of absence for 14 months and money is tight.  he advertised a 2005 MAZDA MAZDA3 2.3L S VIN: jm1bk123x51228976.  He is using the phone # 1 209 732 5458.  He says he is stationed in Italy and the car is in Penn. I found a Kyle Frampton in Penn. on Linked in.  I wonder if he just picks names at random or if he takes the names of victims that he has already screwed over, or maybe the victims that he was unsuccessful at screwing over... WHAT A CREEP.  HE DOESN'T CARE WHO HE TAKES MONEY FROM AND TYPICALLY THE PEOPLE HE SCREWS ARE THE PEOPLE WHO NEED THE MONEY THE MOST.  PEOPLE WHO FIND HIS CARS AT A UNBELIEVABLE PRICE, WE SHOULD KNOW BETTER, BUT WE ARE LOOKING FOR A MIRACLE BECAUSE WE NEED ONE.   WE ARE IN SUCH A POSITION THAT WHEN WE FIND A GOOD DEAL WE TRUST THAT WE MIGHT BE ABLE TO FIND ONE.. HE PREYS ON PEOPLES HOPES, AND THE PEOPLE DOING THE HOPING ARE THE PEOPLE WHO NEED HELP THE MOST--IT IS JUST A VISCIOUS CIRCLE.  IF YOU ARE DEALING WITH THIS PHONE # BY ANY NAME, USE CAUTION, YOU ARE DEALING WITH A MAN WHO IS TRYING TO TAKE YOUR MONEY AND LEAVE YOU WITH NOTHING;  HIS EBAY POST IS A PHONY AND THAT IS WHY YOU CANT GET THERE EXCEPT THROUGH HIS EMAIL.  EBAY WILL ALWAYS COPY YOU IN YOUR MESSAGES IN EBAY...  If you ever question the ebay thing send ;a copy to ebay, and they will write you back in about an hour and let you know it is a hoax..I am suprised that they arent going after him at all.  PLEASE USE CAUTION AND TELL EVERYONE THAT YOU KNOW ABOUT THIS MESS.

    14. Tom says:

      political robo caller yet another number

    15. Louis says:

      I don't know who number is this but this number call me about 10 time for the day an says nothing please let them stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!please.