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    1. Kristofer says:

      Ths number calls my cell number. It is not wanted. No request. And a expense I do not need or want.

    2. Carlton says:

      Received text with wrong name "Sherman" Sherman you have been selected to receive a FREE $50 Target Gift voucher Call 1-877-552-3584 to redeem. TXT STOP TO STOP

    3. Columbus says:

      Hailey sander called/ texted me. She was saying she would like me to buy products from her

    4. Trevor says:

      Same story, says she's calling for the disabled Police Officers. Told her I was a diabled officer. She hung up. Now the phone rings everynight and there's nobody on it. Same number.

    5. Bennett says:

      These s****ags are calling me everyday.  I want them hunted down and imprisoned!!

    6. Derek says:

      i would like to press charges on these people please someone help these people make decent money on thier own not at other peoples expense.

    7. Clifton says:

      I had the same exact scenario as you described. I think the name used was "VISA Confirmation". They described the same $120 gas coupon deal. They only needed $2.95 for shipping, and then it was $29.95 a month. I told them that this sounded like a scame, and calmly, and without missing a beat, the lady said, this is not a scam. She said that somehow I was a preferred customer, with what company she could not say, because they have so many transactions. They had my name and the last 4 numbers of my credit card, which I don't know how they got it. They only ask for $2.95 for shipping, but once you give them your card #, who knows what they will do with it. They tried to transfer me to "Verification" also, but I told them I did not have a good feeling about this, and hung up.

    8. Leonard says:

      No identification left. Called more than once.

    9. Curtis says:

      These scums don't give a rip about any laws or DNC list. Besides the Fed Trade Comm (DNC People) don't investigate or prosecute any one. They simply gather reports.

    10. Tyler says:

      just got a call from this number no one answerd they just hung up

    11. Coy says:

      something about signing up for About Cats... which I never did!!

    12. Nick says:

      mortgage crap to refinance

    13. Steven says:

      i got a call from this number and they threatend me by telling me that if i didnt pay the loan that i will be arrested on friday and ill will have to pay $11,000 worth of fees because i failed to pay some loan and they called and kep treatening me that i needed to pay off some loan i told them that wasnt true n the person name travis told me that his daughter did the same thing and she ended up in jail because she did the samething i did i told them to leave me alone and stop bothering me. i call the number and its sounds busy and i also i want proof but the only thing they told me was i cant give anything till u pay off the money i was like okay come arrest me iam at school i wanna see if this is true cuz im not a criminal i havent done anything wrongfully i do not know but these people are crazy and stupid for trying to do this to innocen and hard working people something should be done !!!!!!!!!!

    14. Trey says:

      this number calls me very often I try to call them back but a recording says that this number is not available! !! it's from Washington! !

    15. Andres says:

      its a number for telesales and debt collectors calling with outdated inflation. they are calling for someone who used to have the same number as me more than 3 years ago. they are not compliant taking my number off of there list and will not update there information