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    1. Fletcher says:

      Vipsafeatm.com advertising..

    2. Vance says:

      they call just about everyday and i had answered and the person gave me his name and when i said hold on just a minute he hung up.

    3. Lenard says:

      Called four times, no message...

    4. Hung says:

      Yes, it is from the Home Advisor sales office. They call to try to convince you to sign up for their lead service.

    5. Chad says:

      keeps calling and wont leave a message? I called back yesterday and a girl answered and said she did not call?? 256-457-3971

    6. Wilbur says:

      Asked for money that I never borrowed.

    7. Roman says:

      the Mr. Number Caller ID says it is: DAVIS, BILL. The person asks if this is Comcast. I said, 'What?' they hung up without saying sorry or anything. i called back and the number is untraceable. definitely spam!

    8. Son says:

      Have rerceived numerous calls from this number. The only ID that comes up on caller ID is Spanish Fork UT, so we don't answer. They never leave a message. The "Don't call list" is a farce.

    9. Bryce says:

      The man phoned me at 11:30 pm. The unnerving thing is he knew my name but when asked, refused to identify himself... and then quickly hung up. I'd like to know who this individual is.

    10. Lavern says:

      This number called and got me for 590 dollars he was three different people said his name was bryan davis and  hen there was an Austin then there was johnny hunt then there was a nelson brown beaware I hope you happy you stole money from a person with four kids. Suck a di** punk a** con artist you are going to hell and I curse you and nothing good will come to you I promise. Ladies and gentlemen be aware of the scam if this number or any other calls and says you got a 5000 dollar loan and you have to send a certain amount of money so you can receive loan. BLOCK THE CALL AND CALL THE POLICE AND CALL PHONE COMPANY TO LOCATE THE AND GEt the address to where this person is and go kill and beary ghe bo y and it wont happen no more because they will be dead.

    11. Ernie says:

      a person that likes to bug u all the time

    12. Art says:

      "Your Entry Last Month Has WON!! Go to http://WinAtBestBuy.com And Enter Your wining Code:7777 To Claim Your Free BestBuy Gift Card." (Look out for this scam.)

    13. Donnie says:

      This number is calling neighbors and family members stating they have a important matter to discuss me. They provide a case number and a alternative number that I failed to save. It sounds like a foreigner. I called information and they stated that the number was not a land line.

    14. Eli says:

      trying to remove it. did not think that it would post

    15. Edgar says:

      # 978-969-3653 Repeated calls from this number.