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    1. Dick says:

      This guy is a scammer, Sold me a copier turns out it was stolen.My new copier was picked up by police even with my bill of sale slip I'm out 5,500. This guy goes by the name Scott Flynn, and boy does he have a past.

    2. Clair says:

      Protection cts all about security system but I live in apt

    3. Clemente says:

      Someone speaking in spanish

    4. Weldon says:

      latest message came from aryan patriot group urging me to attend a fundraiser they were holding for willy "dba joe"walsh-a do nothing loves to hear his own voice carpet bagger loooking for a new district to not represent in congress.Deadbeat dad who's still trying to stiff his ex for 120,000 in upaid child support.Not that he didn't have it but he felt it more important to use it touring euro vacation spots with his mistress and now current wife.just another neut gingrich type.

    5. Jay says:

      Farmington MI248-522-7914Was displayed on caller id.

    6. Arlie says:

      keep getting intimidated calls from this number please block!!!!

    7. Sheldon says:

      call then computer beep, computer voice "good bye" then hangup

    8. German says:

      I received a call from this 209 number at 630 this morning and when I had some not so nice words they hung so I called back and told them it's against the law to call this early. They wanted my number so they could put on DNC list but they called back 5 mins later telling me I been approved for a loan

    9. Gail says:

      Called me 3 times, left 2 blank voice mails, then one saying they wanted to make sure my questions were answered. Spam Spam

    10. Cornell says:

      They will not say anything just sit on the phone they call everyday when I call back they dont say anything

    11. Hector says:

      Me too. No ring from phone, and it shut my phone down after deleting voicemail, which had no message left. Goddamn spammers.

    12. Rick says:

      Wild lesbian cruise offer

    13. Kirk says:

      Received several calls from them, 323 552 7706, stating it was a law office, & an old loan was going to be filed with the Attorney's General office if I don't pay by tomorrow. No information was given re: said loan. Im trying to find out if this is a legitimate law office.

    14. Scotty says:

      Also received calls from this number for the past three days.

    15. Spencer says:

      This is a collection agency, however, I don't owe any bills and have been debt free for over 25 years.